If you're beginning or adding to an exercise program, we have some great news: you can purchase cardio equipment made in the USA!

By now, most everyone has heard about the benefits of aerobic exercise for cardiovascular health, but what you may not know is how far those benefits extend beyond just the heart. Cardio health also improves lung function, blood flow, and brain health. Other added benefits include muscle strengthening that also improves bone health!

Combine or Vary Your Exercise Routine

One of the best ways to stay interested in exercise is to mix up your exercise from home. One day you might choose to do yoga and then walk on a USA-made treadmill. On another day you might choose to combine jump rope with push-ups or strength training.

You can also combine stretching or yoga with incline, elliptical, or rowing, or stationary bike training. These are all great cardio exercise options for your home gym.

Why Different Cardio Equipment?

Different types of cardio work emphasize different muscle groups besides the all-important heart. You'll likely get a whole body workout with rowing machines, while incline and stationary bikes exercise the muscle groups in the legs. Elliptical machines are a great way to get a low-impact cardiovascular workout that fuels the leg and arm and shoulder muscles. A stairclimber targets leg and glute muscles.

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Why Buy Made in the USA Cardio Equipment?

There are numerous advantages to buying American-made cardio equipment. First of all, you're getting a higher quality machine with strong components. Much care has been taken in the assembly process. Usually, USA-made cardio equipment companies offer industry-leading warranties. Third, if you need a new part, you'll likely be able to find and purchase that part. You'll also receive better customer service. Finally, you're helping hard-working Americans earn a livable wage.

Time To Choose!

The only thing left for you to do is decide which piece of equipment you want to incorporate into your workout program. No worries about that—you can't go wrong with whatever you choose!

Time to tie those shoes and get moving!

Cardio Equipment Made in The USA

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