Are New Balance Shoes really Made in the USA?

Have you been searching for American made sneakers? Maybe you have heard New Balance makes sneakers here. It's true; they do! (Well, some, at least.) Which New Balance shoes are made in the USA? you might be asking. We've found them.

Which New Balance Shoes are Made in the USA

New Balance makes select styles in its New England factory. To be clear, New Balance also makes many styles overseas so it is important to check labels, but USA Love List tries to celebrate American manufacturing wherever we can find it. Indeed, New Balance is the only major American shoe manufacturer producing performance and fashion athletic shoes in the United States, so we'll do our best to get you as much information as we can about that and to connect you with the shoes that support American jobs.

About 1600 U.S. workers are employed in five American factories producing New Balance shoes in the highly respected Made Collection. Those shoes are made up of at least 70% component parts of U.S. origin with the remainder imported.  Of course, there is more to love about  New Balance. They offer a range of fit options for every foot shape. Their sneakers are fashion-forward and highly collectible.

Check back if you don't find what you're looking for. The amount of New Balance made in USA sneaker styles and colors availabilty varies.

Shop directly from the source for fashion athletic shoes, sports shoes, running shoes, walking shoes, tennis shoes, and more. Shop through our link to get directly to New Balance's made in USA sneaker styles. Always check listed labels before purchasing.

New Balance Made in USA Men's Sneakers

New Balance Made in USA Men's Sneakers – 1978 Made in US

American Made Men's Sneakers - New Balance Black Panther 990 V4New Balance Made in USA Men's Sneakers – Mens 990v4 Mid Made in US Black Panther


American Made New Balance Sneakers for Men

New Balance Made in USA Men's Sneakers – 1978 Made in US

Made in USA Women's New Balance Sneakers

Not all of the sneakers for women made by New Balance can be labeled Made in the USA, but we found the ones that are. We have a list of them: New Balance Sneakers for Women Made in the USA.