Where is New Balance made? Maybe you have heard there are New Balance shoes made in USA. But if this is true, which New Balance shoes are made in the USA? You have asked. Here are our answers.

William Riley, an English immigrant, started the New Balance Arch Support Company in 1906 and manufactured his newly invented arch support shoe inserts in Boston, Massachusetts. Today, New Balance Athletic Inc, better recognized as New Balance, is one of the largest sports footwear manufacturers in the world.

Are New Balance Shoes Made in the USA?

The answer is Yes, but it's complicated. New Balance makes select styles in five New England factories located in Maine and in Massachusetts. To be clear, New Balance also makes many styles overseas, so it is important to check the labels. There are also select New Balance styles that are made in the UK. The New Balance made in America shoes are not the sneakers you see on the shelf at your favorite footwear store. Made in USA New Balance shoes are usually only found online, or at specialty footwear stores.

New Balance Made in USA

New Balance is the only major American shoe manufacturer producing performance and fashion athletic shoes in the United States, so we'll do our best to get you as much information as we can about that to connect you with the shoes that support American jobs.

About 1600 U.S. workers are employed in the five New Balance USA factories producing New Balance shoes in the highly respected Made Collection. These shoes are made up of at least 70% component parts of U.S. origin with the remainder imported.  

Of course, there is more to love about New Balance. They offer a range of fit options for every foot shape. Their sneakers are fashion-forward. The New Balance USA Made Collection sneakers are produced in limited quantities, and some styles are only limited editions. They are becoming highly collectable!

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New Balance USA 990 from the Made Collection. Photo credit: www.newbalance.com

Which New Balance Shoes are Made in USA?

The New Balance USA Made Collection includes walking sneakers, running sneakers, and casual sneakers. There are styles to chose from in sizes for men and for women. To help our readers find the made in USA New Balance sneakers, we have created lists for New Balance shoes for women and New Balance Shoes for men. Since the New Balance USA made collection is always changing, we update these lists frequently.

American Made New Balance Shoes

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Where are New Balance shoes made? Are New Balance sneakers made in USA? You asked. We answered.