Not everyone's living room can be as large as the one photographed above. Even if your living room is small, you want to make sure your space is a reflection of your personality, while still fitting with the room. Especially for those who utilize their living room on a daily basis, you want everything in it to be functional, not just decorative. Make sure the furniture, and rug, you select have multiple purposes.

Here are my five design tips for a small living room.

  1. Hang a large mirror on the wall to create the illusion of more room.
  2. Utilize wall space by hanging shelving.
  3. Consider recessed lighting or overhead lighting to decrease the amount of floor space needed for creating the right amount of light.
  4. Select furniture that's appropriately sized and doesn't dominate the room.
  5. Lighten up the room by using a neutral colored rug like a Mohawk SmartStrand American made rug. This will brighten the room and create a focal point for the eye. I love SmartStand because  it's stain and soil resistant, so your carpet will always look new.

SmartStrand is the only carpet with built-in stain and soil resistance that will never wear or wash off.

Most stains come clean with water or a little mild detergent.

SmartStrand is environmentally friendly because it’s made in part from renewable resources.

It is made in the USA at Mohawk's manufacturing plant in Calhoun, Georgia.

Disclosure: USA Love List received some products in this post unconditionally or review purposes. Our opinions are always our own, and we aim to write fair and balanced reviews to promote only the very best of American-made products. Don’t miss our other summer features!

Five Design Tips For A Small Living Room Using American Made Rug From Mohawk SmartStrand made in Georgia