I am absolutely in love with The Miss Oops! line of beauty and fashion fixes.  So much so that they inspired me to curate an entire beauty emergency kit exclusively using American made fashion and beauty supplies.  Miss Oops is the modern woman's source for fashion and beauty solutions for common little problems.  I have several of their made in USA products to share (they ALL made it into my kit).

American Made Fashion and Beauty Supplies for Emergency Fixes

The Rescue Sponge

It seems so simple but it is the magic eraser of fashion.  The Miss Oops! Rescue Sponge literally takes seconds to completely remove deodorant marks off clothing.  You do not need water, just simple friction.  Who doesn't get deodorant all over their black clothing?  This is in my purse and closet.

Fashion emergency remedy: Miss Oops! Rescue Sponge | Easily removes deodorant marks and powder marks.

Pedicure in a Bottle

Miss Oops! Pedicure in a Bottle is great to slather on before stepping into your open toes.  It absorbs quickly and feels smooth, taking care to soften up any rough areas with good hydration.  The formula has soothing ingredients as well which makes it nice after a long day on your feet also.  The cream is great for use between pedicures and as the treatment lotion during an at home pedi.

Miss Oops! Pedicure in a bottle | Easy to use foot exfoliant and moisturizer for beautiful summer feet | Made in USAMishap Tape.

This product is double sided apparel tape.  I can't believe I have waited so long to posses such a wardrobe life saver!  Mishap Tape is a game changer friends.  I have hung up far to many button up tops on the account of the gaping between the buttons.  Not anymore.  All I needed to do was slip some of the Mishap tape to hold it in place.  It looks completely flawless and ensures no sneak peaks.  Love it.

Miss Oops! mishap tape: a fashion emergency must have! |Made in USA

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