Here is our list of made in the USA gardening supplies that we just know you are going to LOVE- because we do! Do you have any made in the USA gardening supplies that you can't live without? Share in the comments below.

Made in USA Gardening Supplies We Love


Mister Landscaper Irrigation Systems #madeinUSA #Ecofriendly #SaveWater #Gardening
 For my landscaping and vegetable gardens, I am all about low maintenance! Mister Landscaper irrigation kits are easy to install, and don't they need to be removed and stored at the end of the season. They save time and $ when it comes to watering. If you have a water bill, Mister Landscaper irrigations system use less water than conventional systems.


CobraHead #madeinUSA multipurpose gardening tool
Made in Wisconsin, the CobraHead  Multi Purpose Gardening Tool is my most used and favorite American made gardening tool.  It functions as a weeder, cultivator, edger, transplanter, digger and more. I own several because it is the only hand tool I, my husband, and my kids will use.


Mantis Tillers | Made in USA gardening supplies
 Mantis Tillers are assembled in Pennsylvania. The hubby and I love ours because it is lightweight, fits in the shed easily without taking up a lot of room,  and it's powerful.


Best gardening supplies | Owl scarecrow | Made in USA | garden pest control
 This Great Horned Owl Scarecrow is handmade and painted in the USA. Use natural pest control to protect your plants from birds and other critters.


Best gardening supplies | Gardeners Supply Carts made in Vermont
 Made in Vermont, the Gardener's Supply Cart is sturdy and durable. It will be hauling your garden supplies for years to come. My parents have one that has to be close to 30 years old, and is still going strong!


Best gardening supplies, best garden tools | Florian Racthet Cut Pruner | Made in USA
 For over 30 years, the same family has owned Florain Tools.  The Florian Ratchet Cut Pruner is tough enough to cut through thick branches.

Best gardening supplies | Dramm watering cans | Made in USA
 American made Dramm watering cans come in a variety of colors. They are made from injected plastic and have a lifetime warranty.

Best gardening supplies | WomensWork garden gloves | Made in USA
 American made goat skin garden gloves by WomansWork are made to fit the form of a woman's hand. These gloves are perfect to wear when raking, pruning, and clearing gardens.


Best gardening supplies | The Worm Factory composter | Made in USA
 Worm Factory Worm Composters are manufactured in the USA by Nature's Footprint Inc. In worm composting, worms are used to break down household scraps into garden compost. Worms turn scraps into ready-to-use compost much faster than traditional composting methods. Kids love it too!


Best gardening supplies | Farmer D garden products | made in USA
Compost is needed to ensure that your garden has high nutrient soil. You can create your own, or purchase bags of already made compost, like Farmer D Organics made in the USA Organic Compost


Best gardening supplies | CowPots made in Connecticut
 CowPots are my favorite pots to start seedlings in. They are made in Connecticut from biodegradable, compostable cow manure. They are Eco-friendly and can be buried directly into the ground with the seedling, making transplanting super easy, and you have no plastic planter sheets to store or throw away.


Sloggers garden shoes | American made gardening supplies
Unlike your old sneakers, the ideal garden shoe will keep your feet dry and comfortable, and will be easy to clean. Sloggers  garden shoes, clogs and boots do all  of the above and are available in styles for both men and women.


Raised garden bed kits by Gronomics | made in USA
If you want to try raised bed gardening, but don't have the time or know how to build your own from scratch, there are made in the USA raised garden bed kits available to purchase.  Some raised bed kits, like the one pictured from Gronomics, don't even require tools to assemble. The pieces just slide together!



American made gardening supplies | Gardening supplies you need now


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