What a treat we have for you to try this time. Crafted in Austin, Texas, Mix•o•logie is customizable perfume collection that evolves along with its users.

Mixologie Rollerball Perfume

These rollerball perfume oils are designed to mix and match to create your own, one-of-a-kind scent.  You can try one of the brand’s “recipes,” which are fun, pre-determined combinations that you can use to match the day’s disposition. Don’t worry though, there’s no way to mess it up – every fragrance in the collection was expertly crafted by master perfumers to ensure that even the wildest combinations smell fabulous together.

Unboxing the Mix•o•logie set was a delight. I immediately knew it would make the perfect gift for any woman of any age. I'm going to have to hide this from my teenage daughter (or buy her one of her own) because she is going to flip when she sees it. Each Mix•o•logie set comes with eight alcohol-free, concentrated rollerball fragrance oils (5ml each) and retails for $69 on www.mymixologie.com.

Mixologie Custom Blendable Fragrance Set, crafted in Austin, TX
Mixologie Rollarball Perfume

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