I was in an Urban Outfitters when an incongruously old-fashioned looking red, white, and blue tin caught my eye. Hmm… “Three Lavish Layers of Lip Balm, Smith’s Rosebud Salve, Rosebud Perfume Company.”  I had a feeling… my heart, I think, actually did start to beat a little faster as I started to flip the tin around in my hand, scanning all the labels until I spotted it, in very tiny type… Made in USA.

That day, I contacted Rosebud Salve to learn more about their product and ask whether all of their products are Made in the USA. I was delighted to get an email back from a woman who was the grand-daughter of the druggist who invented Rosebud Salve back in 1892. She confirmed that the entire Rosebud line is in fact made in the United States. I was thrilled to discover an American-made product that was both rich in family history and trendy at the same time.  Rosebud is in Woodsboro, Maryland and their product is based on their original 1908 patent. She soon offered to send me some samples and I soon offered to make it the first product review on my site.

Note to readers: my goal is to share the BEST American-made products and I promise you, I will never say I like something, much less LOVE something, no matter how much someone gives me. I will always let my readers know what went down before a product review and I will always give my honest opinion because buying American should not be a compromise or, as I have said, some sort of retail charity. I’m not going to share the love if it’s not real. There are many, many great American products to keep me busy.

Rosebud Salve – My Daughter & Lip Gloss

That said, my 11-year-old daughter was all over me as I opened the package from Rosebud Salve. Lip gloss is a BIG thing in her life.  She hovered over me and we both admired the packing in tins – they have a substantial feel that would make a nice gift.  The squarish white tin was the “Three Lavish Layers of Lip Balm” that I had seen in the store.  Each of the three tins inside is large and will last me a good long while, even if they get swiped by said 11-year-old. The flavors were the original Rosebud Salve, Strawberry Balm, and Minted Rose Balm, all of which were sweet enough to appeal to my daughter but not cloying or sugary.  The round silver tin was called Medley of Lip Balm Tubes and contained three squeezable tubes of lip gloss, which were slightly larger than typical tube lip balms. Immediately upon opening the tin, before even touching the tubes, I could smell the cocoa aroma of the Mocha Rose with Vanilla Lip Balm.  The other two tubes contained the original Rosebud Salve and the Strawberry Lip Balm.  All of the rosebud packaging is navy blue and white with a little bit of red and blue illustrated flowers, so they are somewhat girly, but not so much that my husband didn’t hesitate to try some of the Rosebud Salve when he walked by.

A week later, all of the Rosebud loot is still on my kitchen counter where it has instantly drawn the attention of everyone who has stopped by. I'm ready to put it away (in my purse, in my car, etc.) This will be an easy gift. I may even get some to have on hand for hostess, teacher, last minute giving. Oh, thanks for asking… my lips? In better shape than ever. Mwah!