Mmmm….PIZZA! Who doesn't LOVE pizza? There has to be at least one pizza lover in your life. We found the best gifts for Pizza Lovers, all made in the USA, of course!

American Made Gifts for the Pizza Lover

Pizza Pans

Williams Sonoma Goldtouch non stick pans come in a variety of sizes for pizza lovers. Whether deep dish, thin crust, round pizza, or rectangle pizza is the preferred poison, there is a made in USA pizza pan for every type. Gifts for the Pizza Lover: William Sonoma Goldtouch non stick pans #pizza #gifts #foodie


Epicurean Pizza Cutter

Manufactured in Duluth, Minnesota, the Epicurean Pizza Cutter is made from Eco-friendly, organic fibers that give it the look and feel of wood, yet the durability of plastic.Gifts for the Pizza Lover: Epicurean pizza slicer #madeinUSA #pizza #gifts #foodie

Pizza Ingredients 

Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Pizza Crust Mix and Dave's Gourmet  Specialty Pasta Sauces make great additions to a pizza themed gift basket!

Items for a Pizza lovers gift basket | Dave's Gourmet Pasta Sauce | Bob's Red Mill Pizza Crust Mix

KettlePizza Wood Oven Pizza Kit

The made in the USA KettlePizza Pizza Kit attaches to a kettle grill creating the perfect wood oven pizza cooking environment.  If your pizza lover prefers wood oven pizza, this is the gift for them! Learn more about the KettlePizza Wood Oven Pizza Kit HERE.Gifts for Pizza Lovers: KetttlePizza grill oven kit #pizza #foodie #gifts


Pizza Themed Clothing

For the pizza lover that has a, well, unique fashion sense, we have the American made pizza themed clothing suggestions you've been looking for! HUMAN offers a variety of pizza lover T-shirt designs, like the ‘In Pizza WE Crust' design pictured below, that are printed in the USA. The pepperoni pizza knee high socks, available at Living Royal,  might be the tackiest socks I've ever seen, but that just makes them even more AWESOME! And they make me want pizza…

Pizza themed clothing! | Gifts for the pizza lover

Pizza Toys

We found the perfect gift for the kiddo who has been bit by the pizza bug.  Green Toys Pizza Parlor is made in the USA from recycled plastic. Gifts for Pizza Lovers: Green Toys Pizza Parlor #madeinUSA #pizza #toys


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