The USA Love List Team would like to wish all of our readers a very Merry Christmas and a peaceful time of relaxation, friends and family.  We'll be taking a little break from our regular publishing schedule, but we'll be back on Thursday the 26th with more made in USA lists for the New Year.  Merry Christmas to our readers and friends.

What USA Love List is All About

If you are finding us this week for the first time, welcome. Merry Christmas!  We are a shopping and style site dedicated to celebrating the very best of American-made products.  We don't believe that we need to buy ONLY American-made products, but we feel that there are a lot more things Made in the USA than most of us realize. We love learning about and sharing the products we love that are American-made. By making an effort to buy American whenever possible, we are supporting American jobs and American industry,  as well as our own cities and small towns.

Merry Christmas and More

This year we published more holiday gift guides than ever before. We honestly had lists for everyone you could think of plus some you probably didn't think of.  AND, we have an unconventional Made in USA plan for anyone who still needs a last minute gift.

The Perfect Place to Start Shopping

Have you ever wished you could go to a mall where all of the shops sell American-made products? Or where your favorite retailers would at least have their Made in USA items displayed front and center? We have tried to create that experience in our Made in USA Shopping District. On that page, you will find a categorized list of sources for Made in USA products. Some sell Made in USA exclusively. Others, when you click them, will automatically search for or give you instructions to find the Made in USA products from the major stores you know and love.

We Give Away Our Made in USA Favorites for Free

We launch a new giveaways from time to time to put our favorite made in USA products right in the hands of our most dedicated readers. Bookmark this page to help you check in regularly and enter. What a treat for us and for our readers as well.

Deals on American Made Favorites

It is tough to keep manufacturing close to home, so the companies making things in America often don't have the margins to offer discounts. But if they do, they are going to offer them to USA Love List readers because they know you value that Made in USA label and they appreciate your willingness to make the extra effort to buy American. So check in regularly at our Deals Page. There are more than ever to choose from this Christmas and many of them remain active beyond the holiday season

Did We Help You Find An American-Made Gift?

To all of you who have been with us through the past year of incredible enthusiasm and growth, thank you!  If we helped some American-made gifts find their way under your Christmas tree, would you leave a note in the comments below to let us know?  We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and the most peaceful of New Years.