Are you searching for furniture for your home office or commercial office space? We have you covered with this source list of made in the USA office furniture.

Office Furniture: A Made in USA Source Guide

Ergo Desk Top: Offering Sit/Stand Solutions for Workspace

Ergo Desktop is a small, woman-owned business based in Celina, Ohio. Since 2009, Ergo Desktop has been an American manufacturer of adjustable height desks, or desks in which the monitor height and/or keyboard height can be adjusted. Those of us that work on computers for multiple hours in a row, know that back pain and neck pain are common.  Studies have shown that working while standing lessens these pains, as well as increases energy. The Ergo Desktop adjustable height desk is a cost effective way to transform your existing workspace into a sit/stand solution. With an Ergo Desktop adjustable height desk, you can easily add a couple hours of standing time into your daily work routine. Ergo Desktop units are free standing, very stable, require no mounting or clamping, and will not damage your existing desk.

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Made in USA Office Furniture: The List

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