Whether you're 5, 15, or 85, you'll enjoy owning made in USA wooden toys for all kinds of reasons. Namely, they last forever. My mother-in-law is in her mid-90s and has a traditional wooden pull toy her 70-something-year-old son played with when he was a baby. That toy has survived three more children and numerous grandchildren, and now it's making its rounds through the 15 (and counting!) great-grandchildren.

Reasons To Buy Wooden Toys

In a day and age when toys are slick looking and technology-driven, you may never have considered buying traditional wooden toys for your kids. Plastic toys line the shelves of local big box stores where you can just grab and go. Some of those so-called “interactive” toys create the illusion of developing the imagination when they're only providing entertainment without cultivating the mind. After all, there's a reason why kids pick up and play with tree sticks: they can make those sticks into anything their little minds can conjure up.

There are dozen of reasons to consider buying wooden toys as opposed to the easier-to-grab toys off the shelf:

  • Wood toys are very tactile, so they engage the senses.
  • They foster the imagination.
  • They last forever.
  • Many wooden toys are endorsed by educational associations like Montessori, Waldorf, or Reggio Emilia. Nearly all of our preschool-age and elementary-age wood toy selections fall into one of these categories of learning-by-playing.
  • Toys made from wood encourage creativity.
  • They make great gifts!
  • They're affordable.
  • Wooden toys are safer to play with. And last but not least…
  • You won't run out of battery power!
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Kubb is an outdoor game made with wooden pieces your family will enjoy for hours! Find it from Amish Toy Box on Amazon.

Why Buy Made in the USA Wooden Toys?

Not all wood toys are made in the USA. We recommend choosing American made wood toys for several reasons, and maybe the most important reason is safety.

Most of the family-based wooden toy manufacturers on our list started making toys out of their personal desire to find safe toys for their own children. They use wood from sources that are free from formaldehyde or other dangerous chemicals. You get simply the natural ingredient: wood. If any oils are used, they, too, are natural and safe, such as flaxseed or jojoba oil, or natural beeswax. Contrast these wooden toys to plastic toys made from breakable plastic or plastic made with harsh, unsafe chemicals. Do you know where your baby toys are made and do you know what is used to make that teething ring?

Many of the wooden toys we recommend are toys the makers' own little humans play with. If these toys are safe enough for the craftspeople's children, they're probably safe for our children, too.

Another reason for buying made in USA wooden toys is because you're supporting American workers and our local economies. Many of our workers are moms and dads, Amish and Mennonite folks who aspire to live simply, grandpas, and even curious kids with a penchant for making things. I remember my father-in-law who loved working with wood and made a massive barn for my kids to crawl in and out of. That memory holds a very special place in my heart.

Wood Toys Are Eco-Friendly

Honestly, I hadn't stopped to consider how wood toys made in the USA are eco-friendly until I started researching for this article. Selecting wood toys is one way to care for our planet because many businesses prioritize the planting and re-planting of trees, making wood a sustainable product. Makers use local wood sources, so less fuel is used to transport the material. Also, wood is a natural, biodegradable resource. Just as importantly, because wood toys last forever, you're not throwing them into the landfill.

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Wooden teethers are an antimicrobial, eco-friendly choice for babies. They're lead, PVC, and phthalate-free.

About Our List

Our Ultimate Source List covers wooden toys for kids of all ages. Many of the selections focus on babies, preschoolers, and elementary-age kids because those early developmental years are oh-so-important. Many of these same wooden toy manufacturers also make games with wooden boards or pieces your tweens and teens will enjoy, so be sure to check out the websites for other selections these business owners create.

Did we miss your favorite American-made wooden toy company? Let us know in the comments below! We update this list frequently, so please check back!

American Made Wooden Toys for Kids of All Ages

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Made in USA Wooden Toys for Kids of All Ages: The Ultimate Source List