Help make your prom night unforgettable when you shop for the perfect prom dress made in the USA. Buying a made-in-the-USA prom dress ensures your dress is made with attention to detail.

Whether you’re looking for sexy prom dresses, more modest dresses, formal gowns, or that little black dress, you’ll achieve that perfect prom look when you shop the best prom dresses that are designed and sewn in the United States. Find the latest styles that are just right for your body type and personal style

Made in USA Prom Dresses

Why is made in the USA so important?

You’ve just been invited to the big dance. Now you need to find THE dress for your special day. So you jump online and find some long formal dresses that catch your eye. Narrowing your selection, you place an order…but it doesn’t come. You call customer service and get no response.

Or maybe you get your dress, and to your dismay, you find a defect, or worse yet, it doesn’t fit. You reach out to the company and receive poor customer service. Now you’re without the dress of your dreams AND the cash it took to buy it.

Avoid these nightmares by shopping for dresses made in the USA.

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American-Made Gives You…

  1. Quality service: customer associates go out of their way to help you choose the best dress for your price range.
  2. Exquisite apparel: American designers truly see their work as art, and they love what they do. They go to great lengths to choose the best fabrics and accessories that make your dress stunning so you can look dazzling. Many of these makers start out designing bridal gowns, so their attention to beauty and detail is impeccable.
  3. Trustworthiness: These designers know their reputation is on the line, so they’ll do everything in their means to ensure you enjoy a shopping experience like none other.
  4. Versatility: The companies we recommend make timeless dresses appropriate for other occasions such as military balls. You’ll also find other special occasions selections such as wedding guest dresses, bridesmaid dresses, homecoming dresses, and even beautiful, southern-style ball gowns.
  5. While dresses made in the USA are versatile, the designers also feature new arrivals each year with dresses made in beautiful colors and patterns.

The best way to alleviate stress and feel beautiful for your prom or other formal occasion is to buy a dress that’s made in the USA.

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Shop Wisely for Your Prom Dress

Perform a quick online search for prom gowns made in the USA, and many companies listed on the first page who say their gowns are American-made or Made in the USA actually are not. When I reached out to these companies, they disclosed their dresses are not made in America at all!

As a matter of fact, about 80% of prom dresses come from outside our country. While some countries like Italy and France are home to world-renown designers, other countries do not hold to the same exceptional standards. These dress selections are made with inferior fabric and little attention to the quality of the seams. Plus, they’re mass-produced, meaning the goal is to make as many of the same gowns as possible, with little consideration given to the quality of the fabric or seams. Volume is the goal rather than quality.

The following companies do not make their gowns in the USA:

  • Dorris Wedding
  • Dress Afford
  • JJ’s House
  • June Bridals
  • Princessly
  • UCenter Dress

There may be more, but to be sure, do your research, read reviews, and consider the makers USA Love List features below.

Time to rock the red carpet and tear up the dance floor in your prom gown made in the USA!

Prom Dresses Made in the USA

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