Most of our readers at USA Love List are shoppers who want to buy American, support American jobs, and learn about the companies who are choosing to make their products in the US. But many of our readers represent these companies or are entrepreneurs launching new American-made products. Some are even CEO's thinking about “re-shoring” or bringing their manufacturing home.

We hear every week from companies like these telling us that, as committed as they are to keeping their goods American-made,  they've found it extremely challenging to find American manufacturing solutions.  So imagine our delight when we learned of an organization aimed at addressing just that issue.  The Manufacturing Mart is dedicated to linking companies large and small, entrepreneurs and inventors, with American manufacturers, products, and equipment.

Next week, they are hosting their 2012 North American Manufacturing and Invention Expo. This year's event, entitled ‘Putting A Face On Manufacturing’ is designed to bring together manufacturers, engineers, inventors and purchasers who have the know-how to solve complex problems and the capability to keep North American manufacturers competitive through innovation & collaboration.  They are expecting over 3,000 attendees and over 170 exhibitors including North American manufacturers, engineers, inventors, product companies and purchasers covering all industries. Relevant breakout sessions at the event will explore the new patent law, the ‘America Invents Act’ as well as an International Manufacturing Conference that will shape the future of manufacturing.

This year's event is coming up very quickly on February 14th and 15th, but organizers tell us that they have room for and are actively seeking more inventors and product companies to exhibit, either because they are proud of their American manufacturing or because they are seeking US manufacturing.  Anyone who contacts USA Love List directly to sign up can receive 10% off a booth.  Time is of the essence this year, so please share this information with anyone who may be interested.

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