Crab Pot Trees

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10 Things We Love, Made in North Carolina

I’ve curated a list of the best products made in North Carolina that I'm sure USA Love List readers will love.  There are things that distinguish North Carolina from the rest of the country and brands that make it stand out.  While I'm native to West Virginia, I now reside in North Carolina. Not only is it a special place to me because I've raised my family here, but also because of the beautiful scenery that surrounds it and the distinct culture that is North Carolina.  Do you know these Made in North Carolina products? Crab Pot Trees began...

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Our Source List for Hard-to-find Made in the USA Christmas Decorations

Have you been hunting for American Made Christmas decorations?  They can be hard to find, but we found them for you.  Holiday decorations are something that you get out and use year after year. Choose made in USA products that will last, that you can trust, and most importantly, that you feel good about.   Don't miss our post on holiday decorating ideas using American made products or our tips on storing holiday decorations with American made products. Hard to Find – American Made Christmas Decorations Whether you have already begun transforming your home into a winter wonderland, or you have yet...

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6 Quick & Easy Holiday Decorating Ideas

I've got some quick and easy holiday decorating ideas for you using the very best Made in the USA Christmas items I could find for decking your halls.  EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. I have a grandiose idea about how I want my house to look- inside and out- for the holiday season. And EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. I find myself lacking the energy, time, and crafting skills needed to emulate what I have seen in magazines and on TV. Not this year. I have found some American made Christmas decorations that I'm investing in. I'm counting on these to make my holiday decorating quick and easy....

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Giveaway: Enter To Win A Five Foot Crab Pot Tree With LED Lights

This is a friendly reminder that Christmas is only 10 weeks away. Yes, TEN WEEKS!!! Almost into the single digit weeks until Christmas means it is NOT too early to be thinking about American made Christmas decorations! We are excited to be working with Crab Pot Trees again this year to bring back this popular giveaway.   THE GIVEAWAY IS OVER, BUT OUR READERS GET 30% OFF AND FREE SHIPPING WITH CODE USALOVE  Crab Pot Trees: Made in USA Christmas Decorations Crab Pot Trees are Christmas trees made from….crab pots! A string of lights woven through American made crab pot mesh creates the beauty and...

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Family Christmas Traditions With American Made Goods

My favorite part of the holiday season is creating and honoring family Christmas traditions with my kids. I say, “creating” because though my kiddos are 6 and 8, every year we seem to pick up a new tradition.  Family holiday traditions are important to me because they give some sort of consistency to an otherwise chaotic time of year. My kids know that there are specific things we do together each year and they look forward to them. Also, when we are participating in on of our traditional holiday activities, we have time to slow down while spending quality...

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