Homer Laughlin Company

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Made in the USA for 100 Years or More: The oldest American made products

Can you believe that there are products still made in the USA today, that were made here before the United States of America even existed?  The editors at USA Love List went on the hunt for companies that have manufactured their products in America for over one hundred years. Some have been around even longer! The Oldest American Made Products Caswell-Massey personal care products have been American made for 262 years. Cologne Number 6 was a favorite of George Washington. Crane & Co, a manufacturer of fine stationery, was founded in 1770. Since 1879 Crane & Co has supplied the United States Treasury...

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Made in USA Kitchenware: The Ultimate Source List

This USA Love List Source List is a long one, and I am sure it will be getting longer! Kitchenware is a category that covers any tools, utensils, appliances, dishes, and cookware, that can be used in the process of preparing and serving food. Everyone has and needs kitchenware items. The next time you are ready to replace your cookware, bakeware or dishes, be sure you check this list first and make that purchase an American made one. These items also make great gifts! Bookmark this list of made in USA kitchenware so you can easily find it when you...

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Cast Iron Cooking: Try This Meaty Dutch Oven Chili Recipe

I have always been intimidated by cast iron cookware.  Owning pots and pans that needed to be “seasoned” and kept rust free, just seemed too high maintenance for me… until I started using the Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven. I LOVE cooking everything in one pot. My slow cooker was my best friend in the kitchen, and I used it at least once a week to cook dinner for my family. When it kicked the bucket about a month ago, I decided to replace it with an American made one. Well, I could not find a slow cooker made in...

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Giveaway: Start your Fiesta Dinnerware Collection

Whenever I am asked about my favorite American Made products, Homer Laughlin China‘s iconic Fiesta dishware is always at the top of my list. That's why I'm thrilled to be helping one of our readers start (or add to) their FiestaWare collection. Someone is going to win two 3 pc Bistro Place Settings, so spread the word to all of the Fiesta fans out there! What Color is Your FiestaWare Collection? Right this moment, I'm drinking a latte topped with Michigan's Maple Moon sprinkles out of a cobalt blue Fiesta coffee mug. I wish I'd taken a picture before I snarfed...

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6 American Made Items You Need Now for National Pasta Month

Not only is October a month of pumpkins, and monsters, but it's also a month of….pasta? Yup, October is National Pasta Month. So after you put up those fall decorations, and before you put the finishing touches on those Halloween costumes, make sure you take time to enjoy an American made pasta meal …with made in the USA pasta accessories, of course. 6 American Made Items you need now for National Pasta Month 1. Dave's Gourmet Pasta Sauce Turn plain pasta into a gourmet meal quickly and easily with any of Dave's Gourmet's award winning pasta sauces! Made from all natural...

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