Mister Landscaper

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Made in USA Gardening Supplies We Love

Here is our list of made in the USA gardening supplies that we just know you are going to LOVE- because we do! Do you have any made in the USA gardening supplies that you can't live without? Share in the comments below. Made in USA Gardening Supplies We Love    For my landscaping and vegetable gardens, I am all about low maintenance! Mister Landscaper irrigation kits are easy to install, and don't they need to be removed and stored at the end of the season. They save time and $ when it comes to watering. If you have a...

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5 Ways to Save Water At Home With American Made Products

According to the EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency), the average American family of 4 uses 400 gallons of water per day.  The biggest indoor water guzzlers are the shower and toilets, while the biggest water waster outside is lawn and garden irrigation. Whether you are making changes to conserve water, or if you are just looking for ways to save $ on your water bill, USA Love List offers these 5 tips on how to save water at home using American Made products. Five Ways to Save Water at Home Using American Made Products 1. Use a drip irrigation system to...

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4 Fall Landscaping Projects (With American Made Supplies)

The end of summer is here. We are reaping the rewards of our vegetable gardens, and our summer flowers are at their peaks, soon to fade away. Just because fall is on the horizon it doesn't mean our time in our gardens is done! Late summer/early fall is the ideal time to work on some landscaping projects. Here are 4 fall landscaping projects you can get started on and some American made supplies that will help you out! Fall Landscaping Projects and the American made Supplies that you'll need 1. Plant shrubs Depending on the zone in which you...

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Mister Landscaper EcoFriendly Micro Sprinkler & Micro Spray Irrigation Kits

Happy Earth Day! Today is the perfect day to be launching a giveaway featuring an Eco Friendly prize.  Mister Landscaper, an American manufacturer of drip and spray home irrigation kits, makes conserving our Earth's water a top priority. The people at Mister Landscaper know that water is a precious and valuable commodity that needs to be used responsibly.  With this knowledge, they have designed home irrigation systems that use up to 50% less water than conventional irrigation systems.  Yes, it is possible to water our flowers and gardens responsibly. Mister Landscaper EcoFriendly Made in USA Spray and Drip Irrigation Kits Mister...

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Introducing Eco Friendly Irrigation Systems from Mister Landscaper

Mister Landscaper, Inc. was founded on the belief that homeowners should have access to high quality landscaping and garden irrigation systems, just like professional growers use to water their crops. Mister Landscaper  has been manufacturing products in Florida that have been doing just that, as well as helping home owners conserve water, since 1991. Mister Landscaper manufactures two types of irrigation systems 1. Micro Sprays/Micro Sprinklers Mister Landscaper Mirco Sprays/Sprinkers are held off the ground with stakes making the watering span larger than that of the Drip Irrigation Systems. The Mister Landscaper Micro Sprinkler Landscape & Shrub Kit MLK 81 is...

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