VZ Wraps

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Look at all of the American Made Hanukkah Items we’ve found!

In 2017, the Festival of Lights starts on December 12! We went on the hunt for American made Hanukkah items and here is a list of our favorites. American Made Hanukkah Items VZWraps Eco-friendly fabric gift wraps. This is such a pretty pattern. These are reusable and they make wrapping eight nights of presents a cinch. Hanukkah cards made in the USA and available at Modern Tribe.  Modern Tribe is an online retailer of hip Jewish gifts and modern Judiaca.  Check out their great list of American made items here. More wrapping options: Wrappily’s flat-folded, non-coated, RECYCLABLE sheets are reversible, giving...

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Tips and Tools for Saving Time This Holiday Season

It is officially the holiday season. Let the craziness begin! On top of an already busy schedule of work, school, clubs, and meetings, I now have to squeeze in time to shop for gifts, find dress clothes for everyone in the family, search for party food recipes, bake….I'm getting stressed out just thinking about it! DEEP BREATHS…Here are some of the American made products I'm using this year to cut back on stress and save time over the holidays. The first one is from one of our sponsors who sent me some of their products to review and now...

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Family Christmas Traditions With American Made Goods

My favorite part of the holiday season is creating and honoring family Christmas traditions with my kids. I say, “creating” because though my kiddos are 6 and 8, every year we seem to pick up a new tradition.  Family holiday traditions are important to me because they give some sort of consistency to an otherwise chaotic time of year. My kids know that there are specific things we do together each year and they look forward to them. Also, when we are participating in on of our traditional holiday activities, we have time to slow down while spending quality...

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VZ Wraps Reusable Fabric Gift Bags: A Christmas in July Giveaway Event!

VZ Wraps are reusable fabric gift bags that are hand made in Philadelphia, PA. We have been a huge fans of VZ Wraps here at USA Love List for years!  Here is why we LOVE them: VZ Wraps are Eco-friendly. Most gift wrapping paper is NOT recyclable- if it's shiny, it goes in the trash.  How many bags of wrapping paper did you have to dispose of after the last birthday party you hosted?  Think of all the wrapping paper that ends up in our landfills after Christmas Day! VZ Wraps are made of durable cotton fabrics and are...

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VZ Wraps are Easy, Green, & Fun {Made in USA Review & Giveaway to 8/16/12}

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle… that's what they say and we know you try. But did you know most wrapping paper is not recyclable? The dyes, the non-paper additives and the lamination of that pretty paper get it sent on a path straight to your local landfill. Think about the number of  trash bags FULL of discarded paper, bows and ribbons after the opening of presents at the last child's birthday party, baby shower or wedding shower that you attended. It would be surprising if there was less than one bag of garbage just from the opening of gifts! The next time you go to a party bearing a gift, skip the tape, don't worry about the ribbon. Be the greenest girl around by investing in an eco-friendly, reusable VZ Wraps fabric gift bag instead of using traditional wrapping paper. Lessen your carbon footprint by not contributing to the gift wrapping waste. VZ Wraps are made in Pennsylvania and here are six reasons why we love them:   They are high quality, durable, and are made of cotton, traditional or organic. Most of the attached ribbon ties are made of recycled materials. The patterns are modern and classic. The gift bags are available for any occasion. VZ Wraps come in 5 sizes, so there is sure to be the perfect size for that gift. The possibilities are endless, but here are some ideas...

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