Start doing less to your dry skin and you can have hydrated, healthy winter skin.  It's a challenge to get rid of dry skin in the cold winter months.   Less is more for now.   Follow these winter skin care tips and select American made products that have opted to use no harsh chemicals.

Healthy products go a long way in treating stressed skin: no peels, no hard core exfoliating ingredients, just a few  fundamentals of a good skin care routine.  Your skin's barrier is impaired by the harsh temperatures, cold wind and forced heat inside.  Your face simply needs protection and TLC.

Winter Skin Care Tips

Hydration is key.  Here is how to stay moisturized in the winter.

cleanser for healthy winter skin #madeinUSAmild exfoliant for healthy winter skin #facialscrubSunscreen helps protect your skin to prevent dehydration. Healthy winter skin.

  • Use Thesis soap free cleanser.  It will cleanse and remove makeup and impurities while conditioning your barrier.
  • Exfoliate but only mildly.  Use a brush or Thesis' physical scrub, skip the enzymes and peels.  Save the active treatments for milder weather months. Save 15% off any Thesis order with code USALOVE, plus 15% off already listed sales items found here.
  • Protect your skin with a sunscreen from the sun and snow, sun's fluffy reflector. Don't miss our American made sunscreen source guide. 

The bottom line is to take it easy and just pamper your skin this season.  Keep it hydrated and healthy skin will follow.

Winter skin care tips with American made product selections. #usalovelisted #winterskincare #skincareproducts

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