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As USA Love List‘s fashion editor I’m always on the hunt for fashionable finds. Even if I’m not wearing something, I like the things around me to be stylish.  Here are a few of my favorite warm weather picks, which are also perfect summer picnic essentials to take you from spring through the Fourth of July!

 American-made Picnic Essentials with Style

Govino Wine Glass, which are flexible, shatterproof, and recyclable, are a true essential. {Not all Govino’s items are American made, but the champagne flutes, and wine and beer glasses are. Check the labels.} 

American Made Picnic Essentials | Govino Shatterproof Wine Glasses |


Illume candles: Have you ever seen a “luxury” citronella candle? I hadn’t until I saw them from Illume. The stylish tins come in really neat scents like Garden Sage and Lemon Bergamot and burn for 35 hours while letting the bugs know they are not invited to hang out.

Illume Red Currant Citronelle Candle Made in USA Illume Gardenia Candle Made in USA Illume Citronella Candle Made in USA

Porcelain Paper Plates: We featured made in USA porcelain ice cream cones in our summer home essentials guide. Now shop for the matching made in USA porcelain paper plates for the perfect picnic essential from SIN. SIN is a Brooklyn-based design company committed to bringing functional, handcrafted, and thoughtful designs for the home.

American Made Picnic Essentials | Porcelain Paper Plates from Citizen Native |

Peterboro Basket Company Ice Master Cooler: Peterboro Basket Company holds a special place in my heart! I was at the store in New Hampshire over a decade ago, but I remember the shop like I was there yesterday. I was in Peterboro while traveling with my family to visit family friends.  We still have a few of their baskets in our home. I love the made in USA cooler – it’s ideal for any cookout.

American Made Picnic Essentials | Peterboro Deluxe Picnic:Cooler Combo |

Brooklyn Brine’s Whiskey Sour Pickles aren’t just a good pickle – it’s my favorite one, and the one you want for a picnic. The delicate balance between sour and sweet is perfectly done. The faint sweetness comes from the semi-sweet apple cider vinegar brine. The spice blend of serrano chili, chipotle peppers, garlic, dill, and other spices isn’t overpowering, but rather balances out the sweetness from the vinegar. American made McKenzie Rye Whiskey from Finger Lakes Distilling adds the right amount of bite.

Best Pickles - Brooklyn Brine Co.

Eco American Flag Throw: We’re always happy to find patriotic products that are actually made in the USA. It’s created from left over t-shirt fabrics that are re-fiberized into colored threads, making it a super find for Fourth of July, and for all summer long.

American Made Picnic Essentials | Betsy Ross American Flag Throw From Farm2Fashion |

American Made Picnic Essentials via

Disclosure: USA Love List received some of these products unconditionally for review purposes. Our opinions are always our own, and we aim to write fair and balanced reviews to promote only the very best of American-made products.

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  1. Love the Illume candles — functional AND pretty!
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  2. Love, love and what can I say but LOVE for this post! I love that the glasses are shatterproof and stylish. The cooler/basket is stunning! The throw – magnificent.

  3. I’m liking the plates. They look like the paper ones, very neat! You honestly had me as Whiskey Sour Pickles 🙂

  4. Emily Endrizzi says:

    Great list! Now I’m in the mood for a picnic! Those pickles sound great!

  5. Such awesome ideas. I have been wanting to go on a picnic. It is finally warming up and I am going to take some of your ideas. I love the porcelain “paper” plates. So cute.

  6. My hubby would love those pickles!
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  7. Any classic red and white checkered picnic blankets like in the picture made in the USA?

  8. brittani adams says:

    Classic, great picnic ideas! I love the mention of those sour pickles and those porcelain plates? Awesome!!

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