If you do some serious grilling, or know someone who does, than this list is for you! Serious BBQs call for some serious equipment and this list of best grilling tools and BBQ products has you covered. It includes grilling accessories, items you need for the cooking heat, and even BBQ sauces and rubs, all made in the USA. These items make great gifts too!

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Made in the USA Grilling Tools and BBQ Products

Grilling Tools

  • Bear Paws are 100% made in the USA. This tool is a must-have for your BBQ chef, especially if he/she specializes in large pieces of meat. The Bear Paws BBQ tool can be used to shred pork or chicken, to lift and serve meat, and to even toss a salad.
  • Edlund heavy duty scalloped tongs are made in Vermont. They are available in 3 sizes. Shop Edlund tongs at Amazon.
  • Lamson barbecue tools and sets are handcrafted in Massachusetts. Lamson is the oldest cutlery manufacturer in the USA and has been in business since 1837.
  • KettlePizza Pizza Oven Kits are a great solution.  A KettlePizza Pizza Oven Kit is designed to turn your charcoal kettle grill into an outdoor pizza oven.  Manufactured in Massachusetts, the KettlePizza stainless steel sleeve fits between the bottom and cover of most charcoal grills creating the perfect wood oven pizza cooking environment where your pizza will not come out overcooked on one side and cold on the other. Shop Kettle Pizza Oven Kits on Amazon.

Charcoal, Pellets, Fire Starters and More

BBQ Sauces & Rubs

  • Bone Doctors' Barbecue Sauce and Spice Blend are made in Virginia. All Bone Doctors' BBQ products are gluten free and non-GMO verified, free of preservatives, artificial flavoring and coloring, and contain no high fructose corn syrup.
  • DennyMike's premium line of grilling sauces and seasoning blends are made in Maine. All Denny Mike's products are fat free, gluten free, nut free, and contain no artificial flavors. Check out the 2020 National BBQ & Grilling Association (NBBQA) 1st place winner Cow Bell Hell Seasoning Blend or the 2020 NBBQA 3rd place winner Fintastic Seafood Seasoning Blend.
  • TBJ Gourmet is dedicated to helping both home and professional chefs create the perfect bites that make memorable meals.  From their trendsetting Bacon Jams (yup, that's right- jams made with BACON), to their globally inspired spreads, condiments, and rubs, TBJ Gourmet products will turn your grilled burgers, steaks, chicken, and even vegetables, into memorable gourmet creations. 
TBJ Gourmet jams and rubs: a must have for your grilled creations! Take $5 off all TBJ Gourmet orders over $25 with code USALOVE.
TJ Gourmet Jams & Rubs:
  • True Made Foods BBQ sauces, ketchups and sirachas are so good that you don't even know that the have no sugar or are low sugar. All True Made Foods products are naturally sweetened with vegetables. I received samples to try out and I can't even pick a favorite. The Veracha Vegetable Siracha is our new favorite condiment and it is added to everything- burgers, steak, even mac and cheese. The BBQ sauces are flavored with real vegetables like carrots, and squashes. They are perfect as a marinade, bbq sauce, or a condiment. I like to use the Carolina Gold as a marinade for pork loin. I love these True Made Foods products because they have so many uses, everyone in my family likes them, and I know they are healthier for my family than most condiments.  True Made Foods is a Veteran owned company. 

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