Made in USA Kid’s Pajamas: A USA Love List Source Guide

Pajamas for kids

If you are on the hunt for made in the USA kid’s pajamas, don’t get discouraged! Here is our source list for American made PJs.

Don’t forget to check out the USA Love List Kid’s Clothing Made in the USA: The Ultimate Source Guide, for the jackpot listing of American made children’s clothing. We also have a list of American made pj’s for adults.

Made in USA Kid’s Pajamas: A USA Love List Source Guide

Brian the Pekingese

Brian the Pekingese 100% prewashed cotton pajamas, available in sizes 18M-10 year, are a favorite of ours here at USA Love List. My daughter Sophie absolutely LOVES her Brian the Pekingese pajamas! She wore them EVERY. SINGLE NIGHT. last winter (thank goodness we had two pairs!), and they were the first articles of clothing she looked for when we broke out the cool weather clothing stash for this year- thank goodness they still fit!

Brian the Pekingese kids pajamas | Made in USA Books to Bed

Books to Bed 2 piece pajamas are made in the USA and feature popular children’s book characters. Books to Bed pajamas are available with or without the co-ordinating book and run in sizes 12M- kid’s size 10.

Books to Bed made in USA kid's pajamas


Garden Kids

Garden Kids pajamas are 100% organic and available in sizes 9/12M- kid’s size 12.

Laura Dare

Laura Dare made in the USA kid’s pajamas are available in sizes 9M- kid’s 14. Two piece sets, night gowns, and even robes, can be found with the Laura Dare label. Tom & Jerry is now a Laura Dare brand.

Laura Dare made in USA kid's pajamas

TJ’s PJs

TJ’s PJ’s collegiate sleepwear for boys and girls are available in sizes baby– kid’s 14. If your kiddo is a future University of Texas, LSU, Ole Miss, or Texas A&M student, then these PJs are a necessity!

TJ's PJ's college themed kid's pajamas #madeinUSA
Bed Head Kids Pajamas

Bed Head Kids made in USA PJ’s are available in short or long sleeve, for boys and girls, in sizes 3mos-14. These are close-fitting 95% cotton, 5% spandex long john style PJ’s so order one or two sizes up.

Bed Head Kids Pajamas are Made in the USA. Love!Esme

American made Esme sleepwear for girls is available in sizes 2T-14. Esme clothing runs small, so order 2 sizes up from what your kiddo normally wears.

Esme pajamas for kids #madeinUSA

Thingamajiggies 4 Kids

Thingamajiggies 4 Kids made in the USA kid’s pajamas can be spotted at gift shops and children’s specialty shops and run in sizes 2T-kid’s size 12.

Thingamajiggies 4 Kids made in USA pajamas for kids

City Threads

City Threads manufactures all of their children’s clothing in the USA. Their line of children’s pajamas includes one piece and 2 piece sets, and ranges in sizes 3/6M- kid’s size 12.

City Threads made in USA kid's pajamas

CWD Kids

CWD Kids is an online retailer of children’s clothing. Not all CWD Kids clothing is American made, but there is an easy to find’Made in USA’ tab on the homepage. There consumers will find a variety of sleepwear styles to choose from, including several with Christmas themed prints.


Pajamas for kids | American made children's PJs | Made in USA kids clothing


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  1. ellen beck says:

    It is tough too find clothes made in the USA sometimes… so much unfortunately has gone overseas where labor is cheap . The garments from overseas have dyes and usually arent worth a dime. I am glad to see some more childrens clothes being made here in the USA.

  2. I’m sure these are made really well,

  3. Karen D says:

    Such great colors and designs! Have to keep these brands in mind for Christmas presents for my grandsons!

  4. Michelle R says:

    Great list! Most of these brands were new to me! Will scope our their sites for 100% cotton for my daughter, thanks!

  5. Pam Flynn says:

    These kids P.J.’s are super cool, fun, and made in America too! Awesome!

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