Giveaway: Power Toothpaste – Get A Rush While You Brush

Power Toothpaste Giveaway | Caffeinated Toothpaste for Your Busy Mornings
If you’re worried about coffee staining  your teeth, but still need a fast fix of caffeine in the morning, you’re absolutely going to want to read on…


Maybe you missed our feature last year about Power Toothpaste, the only caffeinated toothpaste on the market, that is also made in the USA? If you need, we’re happy to be the ones to share this POWERful new(ish) product with you.

Power Toothpaste | Caffeinated Toothpaste for Your Busy Mornings


GET A RUSH WHILE YOU BRUSH: Power Toothpaste kicks you into gear faster than drinking your cup of Joe because the caffeine is being directly absorbing through the mouth. You’ll get an instant boost within minutes after brushing.

IT’S MORE AFFORDABLE THAN COFFEE & TOOTHPASTE: 90 cups of coffee can cost up to $260. A single tube of Power Toothpaste contains 90 brushes, each of them comparable to a cup of coffee, for the price of $15 with free shipping. Power Toothpaste is $245 cheaper, allowing users to stay energized while also saving money. It’s a win-win!

CONVENIENT: Get minty fresh, mentholated breath, AND the caffeine boost you need to kickstart your mornings. In today’s busy world, some people require a quicker and more convenient way to get their morning fix. Power Toothpaste is a revolutionary, made in USA, solution to this problem.

HEALTHY: Power Toothpaste contains the same healthy ingredients as the leading brands to eliminate plaque, reduce stains, and freshen your breath.


Two lucky winners will win a FIVE TUBES OF POWER TOOTHPASTE, a retail value of $49.99. Enter now!

There are a variety of ways to enter this giveaway including opportunities for multiple daily entries. Good luck!

Click the arrow buttons below for further instructions on each entry. This giveaway will close at midnight on Thursday March 30, 2017. The winner will be randomly selected, verified for correct entry participation, and notified by email.

Power Toothpaste Giveaway | Caffeinated Toothpaste for Your Busy Mornings

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  1. I would like to win because I am looking for a new kind of toothpaste to try!

  2. Power Toothpaste looks well made and that it will definitely help out with my yellow teeth stains!

  3. I buy made in the USA to support the hardworking citizens of my country!

  4. This is hilarious. I am not addicted to caffeine so I will pass, but I think this is a clever idea

  5. It would be awesome to win this stellar toothpaste because it will help me to feel happier everyday. This toothpaste will remind me to smile often.

  6. I am ready to feel more energized throughout the day! This toothpaste will be great in helping me drink a lot less caffeine.

  7. One of the main reasons I buy made in the USA is to help with the creation of more jobs in which things are made in the USA.

  8. I would love to win so I can share with my family and friends. This would be great to give someone you know who drinks lots of coffee or soda.

  9. This toothpaste is beautifully designed and really unique. I have yet to find a toothpaste like Power Toothpaste at the store.

  10. I buy made in the USA because I know I will be receiving quality goods and products right from the start!

  11. Power toothpaste will inspire me to get out more and change the world. I will soon become more confident with my smile!

  12. I love that this toothpaste has a mint flavor and that is my favorite flavor for toothpaste!

  13. I buy made in the USA because I support all the local businesses in my area.

  14. Susan Highland says:

    I would get the boost without staining my teeth.

  15. Susan Highland says:

    I have never used it, but I would use it to brush after lunch so I would wake up during the afternoon sleepy let-down.

  16. What an awesome idea! I need caffeine but struggle to find the time for coffee most mornings so this would be great!

  17. I would like to win so I can share this toothpaste with family and friends!

  18. This toothpaste will help me to feel really ready to start the day!

  19. I buy made in the USA because that is the right choice!

  20. This toothpaste is just what I need in my life! I would like to win this as a start to me becoming a much more healthier person!

  21. I really like the way the toothpaste packaging looks and the toothpaste is the perfect size.

  22. A main reason why I buy made in the USA is because of the quality. The quality of goods is so much better!

  23. One reason why I would like to win is so I can freshen up my breath and have a load of energy for all that goes on in my life.

  24. This toothpaste absorbs that caffeine in your gums once you start brushing!! I like how simple it will be for me to gain a lot of energy!

  25. I buy made in the USA to keep America beautiful!

  26. I would like to win so that I can finally have a toothpaste that will work well for my teeth!

  27. Power toothpaste looks amazing!!

  28. The reason I buy made in the USA is for a stronger economy.

  29. I would like to win because this toothpaste is made in the USA!!

  30. Power toothpaste looks amazing and will help me to save money! Less coffee and more energy!

  31. I buy made in the USA so that the money can stay in the USA economy.

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