Using American made dental care products is a priority in our family. Today, I will share with you the ADA's recommended children's oral health tips and the made in the USA dental care products that we use to follow them.

February is National Children's Dental Health Month

The American Dental Association (ADA) sponsors National Children's Dental Health Month every February to raise the importance of children's oral health. As a parent, I feel one of the most crucial lessons I can teach my kids is the importance of taking care of their teeth. Making oral care a part of our children's morning and bedtime routines is something the hubby and I make a point of doing no matter how rushed we are to get to the bus, or how tired we are at night.

Children's Oral Health Tips With American Made Product Suggestions


The ADA recommends that tooth brushing starts with the appearance of a baby's first tooth.  Until the age of 2, use only a toothbrush with water. After the age of 2, use a pea size amount of toothpaste. For all ages, it is recommended that teeth be brushed two times a day for at least two minutes. It is important that the proper size toothbrush is used.

RADIUS Toothbrushes are made in the USA and come in sizes suitable for the whole family. All of the Radius brand  brushes are BPA free and made from FDA approved plastics. The RADIUS Pure Baby Toothbrush, for ages 6-18 months,  is completely dye free. The RADIUS Totz Toothbrush is for ages 18 months up. What I love about this brush is the handle design. It is easy for my daughter (age 4) to hold, and the design also makes it easy for me to control the toothbrush when I'm “helping” her. The RADIUS Kidz Toothbrush, for ages 6 and up,  is completely different from any toothbrush, which is what my son loves about it! Radius makes innovative toothbrushes for adults too, all made in Pennsylvania.

Tom's of Maine is our made in America toothpaste of choice. Tom's of Maine products contain no artificial colors, flavors, fragrances or preservatives. My kiddos love the Silly Strawberry flavor because it is not “too spicy” for them. We use toothpaste with fluoride, but Toms of Maine also manufactures the same flavor in a Fluoride-Free version.

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The ADA recommends that flossing begin when a child has 2 teeth visible next to each other. Flossing should be done once a day.

Well, we all know how easy it is to floss our kiddos teeth. Yeah right! Struggling with my kiddos while trying to get near their mouths with dental floss was not a fun part of our oral care bedtime routine. Disposable plastic flossers made it easier for them to floss themselves, but the amount of waste caused each evening (as my daughter would use as many as she could get her hands on in one flossing) really bothered me. Not to mention I could not find ANY made in the USA. I was so excited when  I discovered the Flossman from E-Z Floss. Flossman is a plastic floss holder that's not only made in the USA, but it's also REUSABLE. We LOVE Flossman! Now my kiddos can floss their own teeth with the easy to handle Flossman floss holder, and when they are done, I remove and discard the floss,  wash it (him?) and it (he's?) ready to be re-flossed and used again the next night. No more waste! And Flossman makes flossing FUN!

This video from E-Z Floss introduces Flossman and teaches kiddos how to wind the floss on him in a fun way.

Make sure to visit the ADA website and printout some puzzles, games, coloring pages and fun activity sheets to celebrate National Children's Dental Health Month with your kiddos.

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