Visit the Nation’s Capital: 16 Fun Things to do in Washington, DC

16 fun things to do in Washington, DC

Are you thinking about planning a trip to Washington, DC?  DC has so much to offer, it can be overwhelming. Even as a native to the area, I’ve not done all the things tourist do. I know, it’s crazy! I’ve put together a list a list of all the must see, fun things to do in the city, oh, and where you should stay while you are here.


There’s a lot to see in our nation’s capital, so manage your time wisely, and plan ahead. There you can experience DC’s great museums, most of which have free entry – it’s one of the best things about the city. Here are our recommendations for things to do in DC:

  1. Indulge at Astro Donuts. It’s DC’s best and most popular donut shop. They have innovative flavors like peanut butter, crème brulee, and s’mores.
  2. Grab your tickets for the Washington Monument when the ticket booth opens at 8:30. There will be a line, so get there early!
  3. Visit my favorite memorials, the FDR and World War II memorials.
  4. Walk on the National Mall.
  5. Tour the White House and the Capitol. (I cannot say I’ve done either though.)
  6. Get the best panoramic view of the city at the rooftop on the W Hotel.
  7. Explore my favorite museums the American History Museum.
  8. Watch an IMAX movie at the Air and Space Museum.
  9. Enjoy the beauty of botany at the US Botanical Gardens.
  10. Devour the city’s best burger at Good Eats’ Blazin Barn Burger, but opt for the turkey instead of beef; it’s more flavorful.
  11. Catch one of the Kennedy Center’s free nightly shows.
  12. Skip the line at Georgetown cupcake and head to Baked & Wired for a Strawberry Cupcake or Little Bertha’s Sandwich Cookie – think Little Debbie Sandwich Cookie but so, so much better.
  13. Grab a breakfast biscuit from A Baked Joint; you won’t regret it. It’s the sister bakery to Georgetown’s Baked & Wired.
  14. Walk 14th street to shop like a local. You’ll spot nationally recognized American made shops too, like Shinola and Marine Layers.
  15. Discover local DC eats all in one place at Union Market.
  16. Go out of your way for the city’s best pizza at Menomale.



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16 Things to Do in Washington, DC



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  1. Marisela Carrillo says:

    I visited Washington D.C in eighth grade and this list would have been so helpful to have back then, Oh well, guess I will have to make another trip !

  2. I visited couple of years ago and may next year. I never have an agenda just go with it.

  3. My daughter goes to Georgetown and we LOVE DC! So much to do! Best tip I got regarding DC? Park the car ad Uber everywhere. There is no parking and driving is nuts.
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  4. How fun! I haven’t visited before, but would love to go someday. These are some great ideas!

  5. My daughter now interns for a US Senator, so we love to get a private tour of the Capitol from her! So much histiry there. It’s amazing.
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  6. Great list. I am now craving donuts! Time to visit DC 🙂 I visited DC a few years back and it was such a great place to explore. Thanks for the extra ideas.

  7. ellen beck says:

    This is one place I have wanted to go visit forever. I would love to see the museums, the monuments what makes this country great!

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