Monat Global is a new social marketing hair care company.  The Monat Volume System was created to increase hair strength, density and manageability.  This system is part of the Monat Global hair brand.  Their products are naturally based and partnered with scientific technology.  Monat was designed to be more than hair maintenance products and to include age prevention for your hair.

My Monat Volume System Review

My hair is thin and has some breakage.  Adding volume is hard because products can weigh hair down and look worse if not selected and used properly.  Many people shy away from conditioner all together because of this, which is a bad plan.

Monat gets all aspects of caring for thin hair and adding volume right.

The conditioner is light weight.  It detangles and hydrates my lightened, dry hair.

The shampoo is sulfate free so I am able to use it without shortening the life of my hair color.  Unlike many natural based and sulfate free shampoos you are able to get a feeling of fully rinsed and cleansed hair.  It leaves no residue and it removes dirt, oils and product completely.

The root lifting spray feels virtually weightless.  I actually felt like my hair was product free.   It did add expansion of my hair strands without adding frizz, not an easy find.

Using this system I could get two hairstyles out of my blowout before having to rewash my hair.

monat global volume system review

Where To Buy Monat Volume System

All though this is sold by direct sales you do not need parties or any of the hassles sometimes associated.  You can simply use the website to order.  Jenny Sanzo is the consultant that provided USA Love List with the volume system for review.  The complete system is $99, priced closely to high end salon products.  Is it worth the money? Yes.  Here is why:

  • salon quality
  • adds resiliency
  • restores damaged hair
  • creates volume
  • is free of harmful ingredients
  • made in the USA

[Disclosure: USA Love List received this product unconditionally for review purposes. Our opinions are always our own, and we aim to write fair and balanced reviews to promote only the very best of American-made products.]
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