You feel like a superstar when you walk out of the salon because the professional results are superior.  Your hair is styled to perfection and your skin is glowing.  It can be hard to keep that up in your everyday routine.   These tips will help you polish your style in between visits to the salon… not to mention, you can hand pick some of the best American made beauty products to treat yourself.

What kinds of beauty routines do you follow?

DIY Blowout, Pro Manicure & Glowing Skin

Pull everything together with the essential beauty basics for a well refined look. Every day is a good day for a DIY makeover.  Check out my product recommendations and key tips to creating beautiful results at home: 3 Step Salon Makeover.

Makeup in Minutes

Just for you, I've devised a four step makeup routine that hides tired eyes without out piling it on.  Find out how to use minimal products and makeup artist techniques to liven up your look for the day: Fake the Awake Look.

Quick Fix Hairstyles

Have you tried dry shampoo? It is great when used as a styling aid.  It cuts down on the time it takes to style your hair and holds well all day long. Find out my favorite Made in USA brands and tips on the right way to use it: Dry Shampoo Isn't Just for Greasy Hair.

What beauty routines do you follow? Is there anything I can help you streamline? Are you using an American Made Beauty Product you love? Do tell. Carve out a little extra time for your beauty routine to try something new, the results will be worth it.

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DIY Beauty | how to get salon results
how to get salon results – DIY beauty