Outdoor play doesn't have to come to an end when the temperatures drop. Here are five American made items that will turn the outdoors into a winter wonderland for kiddos of all ages.

Five American Made Cold Weather Picks for Kids

1. Tuff Kookooshka outerwear

Tuff Kookooshka hats and coats for kids #madeinUSA

Tuffkookooshka outerwear for kids, made in Lowell, Massachuesetts

Tuff Kookooshka outerwear is made in the USA from Polartec fleece. Manufactured in Lowell, Massachusetts, Tuff Kookooshka hats, pullovers, jackets, and coats are lightweight, warm, colorful, and so unique that even the pickiest of kiddos will think they are wicked cool!

2. The Zipfy Mini LugeThe Zipfy Mini Luge: Winter fun for kids of all ages! #madeinUSAMy son (age 8) recently spotted the Zipfy Mini Luge in a catalog and immediately added it to his ‘must have' list. Take sledding to a whole new level with the Zipfy! The handle makes it easier to steer than the average sled. For ages 5 and up.

 3. Snow ball and snow brick makers from Flexible Flyer

With Flexible Flyer snow brick kits the kiddos can be busy for HOURS creating a castle that will make the neighbors envious! Of course, this kit wouldn't be complete without Snow Ball Makers. How else will they defend their castle?!

Flexible Flyer also makes its plastic sleds in the USA. They come in makes and sizes for infants through adults.

4. Bradley designs and makes some of the best snow tubes on the market. They're made from high-quality materials that not only last for a long time, but also your kids can enjoy for a long time.

Bradley Snow Tube Winter Wonderland: 5 American Made Cold Weather Picks for Kids via USALoveList.com

5. No snow? Make your own with Super Snow by DuneCraft!

Hold onto your snow boots. This is SO cool. Do you live in an area that doesn't get snow? With Super Snow by DuneCraft, you and the kiddos can make your own! Check this one out.

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