I've decided to trade in my bad attitude about the cold for made in USA sleds and enjoy winter outdoors.

I can always find things to do indoors, whether I'm working a puzzle, walking on a treadmill, planning my spring garden, or cooking something wonderful. But breathing in the fresh air and receiving the sun's vitamin D, yes, even in the cold, is such a healthy practice, I'm embracing the snow. I'm finding a renewed interest in wintertime outdoor activities, one of which is sledding.

I've discovered a number of companies that make sleds in the USA. Not only am I buying one for myself, I'm also buying some for my family members! That way, when we're together, we can have a sledding party. I also recently discovered a state park that has a warming house and an outdoor fire pit. Now I can't wait to have some fun outdoors.

Come join me for some fun and buy sleds made in USA for your family

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Buy USA-Made Sleds And Enjoy Winter Outdoors

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