No big surprise that ipads, iphones, laptops and video games top the Christmas lists of the tweens and teens in our lives. We all know none of those items are to be found manufactured in America, but here are some great gift ideas that are. Now I'm not saying that you will get the same reactions to these gifts as you would the newest iPhone on Christmas morning, but hey, they're made in the USA (and tweens/teenagers are too cool to react much anyhow).

Gifts for Teens and Tweens

Upright, Studio, or Grand Piano

We can highly recommend any of the pianos that are made in America, and there are only three:  Steinway & Sons in New YorkMason & Hamlin in Massachusetts; and Charles R. Walter in Indiana. Choose from upright, studio, console, and grand piano styles. Although these brands are expensive, they're handmade, they have a long, rich history, and they're considered pieces of art. Plus, the sound on any of the three are unsurpassed by any other brand. 

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You can never go wrong with a gift card!

And last, but not least, you can never go wrong with supporting local businesses and purchasing gift cards or gift certificates.  Gift cards to the local movie theater and a popular diner or cafe hang out would make a great gift for the ever cash-strapped kiddos of this age group. A gift certificate for voice or music lessons, one on one coaching, or art classes could also be welcomed gifts.  Tweens and teens love gift cards.  This allows them to make their own choices.  We all know that teens and tweens love to have a little freedom of choice!

Don't forget the Stocking Stuffers

We have lists already created for the best stocking stuffers for tweens and teens: Stocking Stuffers for Teenage Girls: Made in the USA Beauty Products They'll Love, and Stocking Stuffers for Kids, Under $10

Have you visited our Made in USA Shopping District? It is the place to start your shopping when you want to find the best of American-made.

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Cool Gifts for teens and tweens

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