Here at USA Love list we get a lot of emails from people looking to purchase specific American made products. As the temperatures have been dropping, more and more readers have been writing in for recommendations on the best electric blankets made in the USA.


Unfortunately, there are currently no electric blanket manufacturers in the United States. This is because the wiring and components needed to make electric blankets are all made overseas. We do, however, have some American made alternatives to suggest.


So there are no electric blankets made in the USA, but that doesn't mean you have to freeze. We found many American made options that will keep you warm and cozy on a cold night.

Do you have a favorite American made electric blanket alternative that we missed? Let us know in the comments below, and we can add it to this list! We update this post often and we will always on the hunt for an American made electric blanket manufacturer!

Electric Mattress Pads

There might not be any electric blankets made in the USA, but we found several made in USA heated mattress pads. Heated mattress pads can be considered safer than electric blankets because the wires and heating components remain flat, and are less likely to get twisted and bent like those in electric blankets.

Electro Warmth Heated Mattress Pads

Electro Warmth has been manufacturing high quality heated mattress pads in Danville, Ohio since 1939. Electro Warmth fitted heated mattress pads are available in every bed size. If you and your partner sleep with different temperature options, no worries. These heated mattress pads are available in dual control too.

Electro Warmth heated mattress pads, made in Ohio.

Faux Fleece Heated Mattress Pad

This Faux Fleece Heated Mattress Pad has a cushiony fleece top for extra comfort. It's features include an automatic shut off that is triggered after 10 hours of use. It is made in the USA from high quality imported parts.

No electric blankets made in USA, but the Faux Fleece Heated Mattress Pad in made in USA from imported parts. #heatingpad #bedding #madeinUSA
Faux Fleece Heated Mattress Pad

American Made Blankets

Unlike finding a made in USA electric blanket, the search for American made blankets is a lot easier! We created a source list of American made blankets that contains at least 20 blanket suggestions. This list contains throw blankets, weighted blankets, knit blankets, baby blankets, and more.

American Made Comforters and Duvets

Other items that is easier to find than made in USA electric blankets are American made comforters and duvets. If you are looking for a bed covering that is heavier than a blanket, or for a comforter to complete your made in USA bedding set, than our American Made Duvets & Comforters Ultimate Source List is worth checking out.

Made in USA Comforters and Duvets

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Are there any electric blankets made in the USA? We will point you in the right direction.