Lawn games made in the USA are a blast for everyone. They’re the ultimate boredom buster for kids and teenagers, a fun way for family members to enjoy one another’s company, and a means for building camaraderie between friends and other groups. Keep reading to learn more about the best lawn games for outdoor fun!

American Made Lawn Games

When I was a child, my brother and I played a number of fun outdoor games. Most notable were croquet, lawn darts, and Wiffle ball. He was much better than I at all of them, and he got a kick out of sending my croquet ball across the lawn. Today, remembering our time together brings a smile to my face.

My in-laws introduced me to bocce about 20 years ago, and that game, along with croquet and cornhole with locally made bean bags, remains our staple family games, but there are so many more to choose from!

Select from a classic game like horseshoes or the ring toss game, perennial favorites like cornhole, or find a new and exciting family game such as yard dominoes or tower tumble made from wooden blocks.

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10 Reasons for Playing Yard Games

A number of good reasons exist for playing yard games, the most obvious being outdoor enjoyment during the warm weather. As you play, so much more is going on:

  • You’re interacting with others.
  • Kids of all ages, from 5 to 95, are enjoying a fun activity together.
  • Young children are developing hand-eye coordination.
  • You’re modeling what healthy, friendly competition looks like.
  • You can play just about anywhere, from small spaces to your own backyard or corporate events held in large parks.
  • Outdoor play boosts physical fitness, from bending and stretching to throwing and catching.
  • It's a great way to learn to work as a team.
  • Different games offer different strategy-building techniques.
  • Awkward conversations at your corporate event? Playing a lawn game in your company's outdoor space enables better, easier interaction, especially when the game requires a number of players.
  • Hosting a neighborhood backyard barbecue or family reunion? Outdoor game sets bring people of all ages together!

You’re making memories.

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Why Buy USA-Made Outdoor Games?

Let’s keep the United States united by supporting USA businesses. The companies are our neighbors who are trying to make a livable wage by making products we can enjoy. You will receive a quality product, but if by chance anything is wrong, you can reach out to a real person who will help remedy your situation. As I reached out to each of the companies, I received quick, efficient responses with helpful, clear information. Great customer assistance is worth spending a little more on an American product!

Let’s challenge the whole family with a new outdoor game from our Ultimate Source List!

Best Lawn Games for Outdoor Fun Made in USA

Bocce Games Made in USA

The object of Bocce Ball is to throw your bocce balls closer to the Pallino, than your opponent. The first team to reach 12 points wins the game (must win by 2). A match typically consists of 3 rounds.

Cornhole Games Made in the USA

Once simply known as Bean Bag Toss, Cornhole is an international sport touting tournaments worldwide, but we prefer engaging in a friendly backyard game. This game comes with two rectangular cornhole boards, each with a large hole cut out of the top, and eight “bean bags” filled with plastic, resin, beans, or whole kernel corn. Team members stand at opposite boards and try to toss as many as their team’s bags into the opposite board’s hole to acquire points.


Play croquet in your backyard by first arranging the croquet wickets and stakes in a double diamond pattern. Each player takes turns hitting their ball through the wicket and following the pattern set up. Penalties occur when you hit another person’s ball or if you cannot hit the stake at the end of the pattern.

Four-In-A-Row Game

Four-in-a-Row is a giant Connect Four game with a large board game built to be played outside. Whether you’re tailgating or enjoying your backyard, picnic, or family reunion, the kid-friendly game challenges you to try to get four discs in a row before your opponent does.


Horseshoes aren’t just for the oldies. When the whole family plays, kids really enjoy scoring points when they “almost” get a ringer. They also learn to create a strategy as they throw their horseshoes underhanded. The aim of the game is to pitch your horseshoe as close to the stake as you can. To score a point, land your horseshoe closer to the stake than your opponent. If your horseshoe lands around the stake, you score a ringer. Who wouldn’t enjoy this yard game?!


Tell your kids that the Vikings played this outdoor game over 1,000 years ago, and they’ll be all in! The game of Kubb (pronounced “koob”) comes with 10 wooden blocks, called kubbs, one king, six batons, and six boundary stakes. The goal is to knock over all your opponent’s kubbs, then go after the king, before the opposing team accomplishes the same goal. Sometimes called King Kubb, this game will quickly become a crowd favorite.

Ladder Golf

Whether you call it ladder golf, ladder golf, or some other name, you’ll enjoy a healthy round of competition with this game. The goal is to throw your bola—two balls attached by a nylon rope—and get it to wind around one of the ladder rungs 13 feet (or other various distances) away.

Tumbling Tower

Tumbling Tower, or the Tower Game, is like Giant Jenga, where each player tries to remove a brick of wood from the large stack without making the tower fall. Kids especially enjoy this game.

Yard Dice

Yard dice brings several dice games to your outdoors. From Snake Eyes to Farkle and even Yahtzee, you’ll receive either five or six giant dice made of wood as your game. Alter the rules to make the games more child friendly, or come up with your own game.

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Yard Dominoes

Take the classic game of Dominoes outside with the outdoor Dominoes game featuring oversized dominoes! This game is played exactly as you would the smaller version by matching numbers together. The first person to play all his or her dominoes wins! As soon as kids know their numbers and can count, they can play—usually beginning at age 5.

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