You read that correctly – American built car, the Nissan Pathfinder is made here. Nissan moved some of its production to the States. While Nissan is not an American owned company, Nissan has factories in Tennessee and Mississippi. Let us know: how do you feel about purchasing an American made, Nissan?

“Bringing production to the United States is part of Nissan's broader strategy to build where it sells, and it moves Nissan closer to achieving its goal of having 85 percent of the vehicles it sells in the United States produced in North America by 2015. The strategic investments that Nissan has made [ ] serve as a testament to the flexibility, efficiency and talent of our workforce and suppliers, ‖ said John Martin, Nissan’s senior vice president, Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management and Purchasing.  [ ] we build high-quality vehicles that compete and win globally [ ].

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2014 Nissan Pathfinder Reviewed

Here is my version of a pros and cons list, listed in terms of style.

Stylish Attributes

  • Built in Smyrna,Tennessee plant since Aug 2004.
  • It starts quietly and runs well. It has a 3.5-liter V-6 engine.
  • It really was a smooth ride.
  • I felt safe in the Pathfinder. If you like feeling insulted, and not like you're riding in a tuna can, the Pathfinder's size lends itself to that.
  • It's great for families – there are three rows of seats and the ability to fit a lot of cargo too. If you're the soccer mom, or someone who's constantly hauling people and things around, the size of the Pathfinder is really convenient.
  • I love the keyless entry feature. It really makes a difference because you don't have to go digging in your bottomless purse for your keys. It only makes opening your house door that much more taxing. Don't worry – it won't let your physical keys in the car, when you forget about them!

Not So Stylish Attributes

  • The Pathfinder is large – I feel like I'm driving a tank. (No, no I haven't driven a tank before, but I'm using my imagination.)
    • If you have a big family, take long road trips, or are always carting thing around, this would be a great vehicle for you.
  • I know it takes a bit of time to get acclimated to a new car, but the dash functions really weren't that user friendly because they didn't seem as intuitive. I found it took longer to get acclimated to the dials for everything.
  • The gas mileage, at 21 mpg, isn't too stylish.

Let us know how you feel about purchasing an American built Nissan? 

Image Credit: Nissan