There is no substitute for a well-rested face.  You can perk your face up a bit with some makeup tricks but you just can't buy good old-fashioned beauty sleep.  Just as over-exposure to the sun and dehydration lead to premature aging, so does lack of sleep.  To help you on your quest for rest, I am going to tell you how to make a relaxation-enhancing DIY linen spray with American-made lavender oil.

Opas Soap has provided us with their blend of essential lavender oil along with the lavender shampoo for our review.  Opas Soap makes all their personal care goods in Los Angeles, California, making our DIY linen spray handmade AND American-made.   

DIY Lavender Linen Spray

To make your own DIY lavender linen spray you will need:

Surprising vodka facts: Smirnoff moved from Moscow to the US and has been making vodka here ever since the Russian Revolution. For drinking, we've developed a taste for vodkas from several American microdistilleries, but that's another post.  Vodka is not necessary for this project but is beneficial in preventing water spots. It makes the spray quick-drying and emulsifies the oil and water to be mixed evenly. This means you don't have to shake it before spraying.  If you don't use vodka, shake well before spraying.

For me, lavender linen spray is a bedtime luxury.  Anything to encourage a peaceful night's sleep is fantastic, in my book.  Rest assured, the lavender essential oil from Opas has no added chemical preservatives and is extracted by a handcrafted copper still.  This tool allows Opas Soap to remain free of dependence on suppliers and enables them to provide us with pure, sustainable products. If you are looking for American-made bedding to use your linen spray on, don't miss our Made in USA Ultimate Bedding Source Guide!

The Ojai Lavender Shampoo is cleansing and doesn't leave my hair with a residue like other natural shampoos.  It makes volumizing my hair much easier. The scent seems strong when you are washing your hair but once you rinse and style it, you aren't left smelling like an herbal remedy.  In short, the scent doesn't compete with your perfume and linger. But it does leave a faint hint of lavender that you will love to catch throughout the day.  My hair and scalp were well balanced and the light-weight formula made adding volume to my hairstyles simple.  All of Opas Soap's hair care line is made from scratch. They contain no toxins, artificial ingredients, or sodium lauryl sulfate.

Opas Soap ships their products in recycled cardboard and reuses packing supplies from shipments they receive.

DIY Lavender linen spray made with essential oils and vodka!

Original  DIY linen recipe via Apartment Therapy.

Disclosure: USA Love List received this product unconditionally for review purposes. Our opinions are always our own, and we aim to write fair and balanced reviews to promote only the very best of American-made products.