To many Americans, the word “pet” does not do justice to the spot our four legged friends have in our hearts. Our cats and dogs are members of our family and are treated as such. Those of us that have “fur children” and animal best friends know how important what goes into their bodies is to their overall health. Do you know what is in the food you give to your cat? Do you read the labels of your dog's treats? What do you really know about your pet food and treats? Don't miss our information about natural pet food made in USA!

Important Update: The FDA has launched an ongoing investigation into pet deaths and illnesses related to the consumption of beef jerky treats. It is estimated that over 1,000 dogs have died. Nearly all of the reported deaths/illnesses can be traced to jerky imported from China. See the FDA notice here.

Here are some tips and suggestions to help you decide what is good for your furry family member. Always remember to consult your veterinarian when changing the diet of your cat or dog. Like humans, every animal is different. Some have allergies, sensitivities and medical issues which could even be associated with a certain dog or cat breeds.

Does buying pet food that says “Made in USA” on the label automatically mean that your dog/cat is 100% safe?

The answer is no, but he/she will be SAFER.  Despite where pet food is made, there is still a risk of bacteria contamination. Just like human food, there are no guarantees. Most pet food is not kept in consistent temperature conditions. Heat and humidity can promote bacteria growth. Purchasing pet food made in the USA could decrease this risk as time in transport is lessened. This could decrease exposure to temperature changes.

It is not required to list where pet food ingredients come from.

The same is true with human food. Reading the ingredient label and doing company research is very important! Remember, the huge pet food recall in 2007? Cats and dogs all over the US were being sickened and killed from pet food that contained melamine. This ingredient originated from China. However, it still was found in products manufactured in the USA. How was this possible? Some pet food made in America contains “fillers”, or additional ingredients added to the product to bulk it up and serves no nutritional purpose.

Does having the word “Natural” on the label mean the pet food is 100% healthier?

Again, the answer is no. There is no regulation in the pet food industry that defines what “natural” means. It could mean there are no added colors, which would make it safer, but not 100% “natural”. You need to read your labels and research the brands. Make sure the pet food manufacturer's definition of “natural” matches yours.

Best Natural Pet Food Made in USA for Dogs and Cats

Do all of the products manufactured by the companies named contain 100% made in the USA ingredients?  In most cases, no. However, the companies we had chosen to highlight take great pride in research and putting the overall health of our four-legged family members as a #1 priority.

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