I live in a log home. While all of the exterior walls of the Hanson abode are actual logs, the interior walls are not.  Back in March we did A LOT of work on our house, and the painting of these interior walls was designated MY job. I spent 3 weeks scraping wall paper, priming (coat after coat) and painting (coat after coat). Holy total body workout!!. Now it's been over 2 months since these walls have been painted and not a single shelf, photo or piece of artwork has been put back on them. No decorating  has been attempted in fear of messing up my paint job!

Well, until now.

RoomMates Peel and Stick Decor has reassured me that decorating CAN be done with out the fear of ruining the walls.

Designed and produced in York, Pennsylvania, RoomMates wall decals do not have a sticky backing like traditional wall stickers. They are specially designed to adhere to walls, cabinets,and  furniture without leaving behind any residue or taking paint with them when removed.

We used Logan's room as our test room.  He picked out the Monsters Wall Decals from the huge selection of  American made wall decals and wall decor available on the RoomMates website.  After about a week, the decals arrived.

We could tell right away when touching the back of the decals there was no sticky residue left on our fingers. Logan doubted that they would stay on his walls. Yet stay they have! It's been over a week now and even with temperatures reaching over 80 degrees in his bedroom, not one has come loose.

RoomMates peel and stick decor are so easy to use, that Logan (age 6), did the decorating pretty much on his own!

RoomMate wall decals are safe for children as they are non toxic and contain no harmful chemicals like phthalates and lead. RoomMate wall decals are Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) compliant. They are safe to be used in a child's bedroom, and safe for them to touch to do the decorating themselves!

All I had to do was remove the decals from the backings they came on. Logan was able to place the monsters whereever he wanted, and press them to stick.  If he put a monster in a spot he wasn't happy with, he just carefully peeled  it off and replaced it where he thought it looked better. Easy peasy. No sticky residue or marks were ever left behind and all the paint stayed on the wall.

Logan and I are both very happy with the quality and ease  of RoomMates peel and stick wall decals. Hmmm….now I have walls in 6 more rooms to decorate and  there are decal styles for every room…. the Black & White Chalkboard & Dry Erase Dot Wall Decals really would look perfect in the kitchen….

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