Family gifts make a great option when shopping  for relatives and friends this holiday season. Instead of spending time trying to find the best present for each member of a family, consider purchasing one gift that the whole family can enjoy! A specially selected family gift has meaning and they encourage family fun and interaction.  Here are some family gift ideas to keep in mind when making that gift giving list.

Made in the USA Family Gift Ideas

Make wood fired pizza at home with the KettlePizza Outdoor Pizza Kit Made in the USA
What family doesn't LOVE pizza? With the KettlePizza charcoal grill insert, wood fired pizza can be made at home anytime they want it.  KettlePizza inserts are available in gas grill or charcoal grill styles. Get $50 off any of our gas or charcoal grill KettlePizza Oven Kits with code USALOVE.


Family Gift Ideas: Intellipure air purifier
Give a gift of healthy air with the Intellipure Ultrafine 468. The Intellipure Ultrafine 468 air purifying system removes ultrafine dust particles that include skin cells, pet dander, dirt, and pollen. This system would be a great gift for families with allergies and asthma, and for families following a clean living lifestyle. The Intellipure Ultrafine 468 air purifying unit is manufactured in New York.  Read my review here.  

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Family Gift Ideas: Catan board game
A board game makes a great family gift. We love family game night and are always looking for new games to play. My 10 year old son discovered the strategy game CATAN and put it on his Christmas list. I never heard of it before, but CATAN has been around since the 90s and has won multiple gaming awards.  The CATAN 5th Edition and its expansion games are made in the USA.


Murbles is an outdoor game that is played with giant marble like balls, or Murbles.  Murbles quickly became my family's favorite game of the summer! We love Murbles because it is easy enough for everyone to play, old and young alike. We kept Murbles in our car all summer so that the kiddos always had something to do no matter where we were- cookouts, grandma's house, the park.  It's even fun to play at the beach and the balls float!  We can't wait to play it in the snow!!


Family Gift Ideas: White Mountain Puzzles
We always have a 1000 piece puzzle being assembled somewhere in my home. White Mountain Puzzles have been made in New Hampshire for over 3o years. There are a variety of image themes and skill levels to choose from making a White Mountain Puzzle a perfect family gift choice.    


Family Gift Idea: Growth Chart Art
A growth chart is a fun way to keep track of the growth spurts of every family member. Growth Chart Art offers a vast selection of handcrafted charts made from soy based inks and formaldehyde free plywood. They can even be personalized with a family or child's name.


Family Gift Ideas: Shark Modern Moose Clock
Modern Moose clocks are handcrafted in Massachusetts and make a fun addition to any room in a family's home! Many different styles are available to choose from,  from animals to robots.


Family Gift Ideas: Glass straws by Glass Dharma
Plastic straws are popular with kids of all ages, yet they are bad for the environment. I have found you can only re-use them a few times before the kiddos chew them up, and there are only so many craft project you can do with them until you have straw crafts taking over the house. Glass straws are the perfect solution, and they are sturdy and safe too! A set of Glass Dharma glass straws make the perfect gift for the Eco-conscious family.

Family Gift ideas: Give a gift the whole family will enjoy | Made in USA

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