You want, no, NEED to be able to trust the ingredients when you are searching for gluten-free foods. I always look for the Made in USA label when buying something I'm going to eat, but especially if I need to be able to count on the quality and integrity of the manufacturing process. I recently went hunting for American made gluten-free goodies and here is what I found:

Circle B Ranch is bringing you two truly special gluten-free products – their new Nitrite Free Bacon Snack Sticks and their award-winning Top Tomato Bloody Mary Mix. (The Bloody Mary Mix was just awarded the 2018 Platinum SIP Awards which is the only bling tasting competition that enlists consumers as judges.) In the spirit of honoring American made products and those carrying out the American dream, we had to showcase Circle B Ranch, its owners, and its products.

Circle B Ranch, located in Seymour, Missouri, was started in 2009 by Marina and John Backes. The couple relocated from Branchburg, New Jersey to the lush rolling hills of the Ozark countryside in southwest Missouri. They were looking for the perfect weather for raising Heritage Berkshire/Kurabota hogs. This clean and natural environment allows the hogs to graze freely on the lush pastures and roam the woods foraging for nuts and acorns, while also allowing them to be free from any additional hormones and antibiotics from their feed. Marina and John raise the hogs using sustainable and humane production methods that adhere to the Certified Humane Raised and Handled and Animal Welfare Approved standards of operation.

Circle B Ranch brings you its newest product including its Nitrite Free Bacon Snack StickNitrite Free Jalapeño Bacon Snack Stick, and Big John’s Hawaiian Pork Snack SticksThey are super flavorful and the most moist and tender jerky sticks I've eaten, which I appreciate. These sticks contain no high fructose corn syrup, red dye, nitrates, or sodium benzoate. Circle B Ranch uses only the good stuff to go into these delicious Bacon Snack Sticks! They have 5g of protein, 90 calories, 170 mg sodium and no carbs or sugar making them a great source of healthy fats perfect for the Keto diet. There are no add any hormones or use antibiotics, and they are 100% American made, from Missouri.

Whole30 Meat Snack Sticks from Circle B Ranch - Made in USA - Made in Missouri

Handmade in small batches, Circle B Ranch Top Tomato Bloody Mary Mix is made with the highest quality ingredients that will please the most discerning of Bloody Mary aficionados. Ahh; it's so flavorful I could drink it every day! Chock full of bits of real garden tomatoes, fresh basil, olive oil, chopped onion, vinegar, spices, and garlic, among other clean ingredients, the mix is good enough to be a stand-alone beverage simply poured over ice with a squeeze of lemon. The ingredient list is simple while also being gluten- and wheat free with no MSG, preservatives, or high fructose corn syrup! This mix is thick so don't forget to shake before you pour. Gluten-Free Bloody Mary Mix from Circle B Ranch - Made in USA - No MSG, preservatives or High Fructose Corn Syrup!

Gluten Free Entrees and Meals

Hungry Root - Vegan, Gluten Free Meals That Take 5 Minutes to Make At Home
Hungry Root created a range of convenience foods that are all vegan and gluten-free, and high in fiber and healthy fats. They’re also low in sodium and free of preservatives and added sugars. Based on fresh-cut vegetables, versatile sauces, and ready-to-eat breakfasts and snacks, Hungry Root offers over 75 dishes that customers can make at home. We can see why the Sweet Potato Pad Thai, made with sweet potato noodles, spicy peanut sauce, and snap peas is a fan-favorite. It's certainly something we love.

Kusina Gluten Free Adobo Meal via
Kusina, all natural Filipino food, is made using third-generation Filipino-American family recipes. My favorite is the Tangy Chicken Chicken and Rice, known as adobo. The entree has a long history as the national dish of the Philippines. The adobo cooking style shares influences with Morocco, yet Kusina's interpretation is uniquely Filipino. The vinegar, married with mild spices, like turmeric and black pepper, make for a uniquely flavored chicken dish. 


Soy Free Tofu From tempt - Review via
If you love tofu, but don't like eating soy, Tempt Hemp Tofu is the perfect gluten-free alternative. It is a non-GMO, soy-free, meat alternative, made from hemp seeds that pack 30g of protein per package. I love the chimichurri flavor sautéed until brown to eat with veggies for dinner or lunch. Tempt Hemp Tofu Chimichurri is made with simple ingredients including, filtered water, shelled hemp seed, gellan gum, citric acid, calcium sulfate, sea salt, parsley, basil, black pepper, cumin, oregano, paprika, garlic, and cilantro. It's a great non-bean vegetarian alternative, even for those who aren't vegetarian.


Tandoor Chef I can count the number of times I've purchased frozen meals on one hand, so Tandoor Chef meals aren't something I'd typically think to buy, but I cannot begin to tell you how delighted I was to try Tandoor Chef. I particularly loved the vegetarian Palak Paneer; it tastes just like the ones you get at an Indian restaurant. What a treat. I'll be stocking up on these babies!


Organic Miso Ramen Premade Gluten Free Broth from Nona Lim
Nona Lim Miso Ramen Broth makes soups easy. I cannot begin to tell you how flavorful these gluten-free, non-dairy broth bases are. Made with all organic, non-GMO ingredients, including vegetable broth, water, sake, organic tamari, organic miso, tahini, garlic, ginger, sesame oil, kombu, and kosher salt, the broth is balanced, and bursting with flavor. Pair it with leafy greens and your choice of protein to make a complete gluten-free meal.


If you like quinoa, you'll love Hilary's Original Veggie Bites. I normally don't buy frozen meals or burgers, but these are worth it. Hilary's has a cult following and I can see why. The veggie bites are vegan and made with allergen-free ingredients including organic ingredients, including millet, quinoa, vegetables, coconut oil, onion, and Redmond’s Real Salt®, apple cider vinegar, psyllium husk powder, arrowroot, and garlic. Not only are these burgers gluten-free, but they also are egg-, corn-, soy-, dairy-, and nut-free too. 


American Made Gluten-Free Snacks and Meals from USALoveListlcom including Saffron Road Entrees Reviewed
 Whatever you're in the mood for, in terms of global cuisine, Saffron Road now offers a wide variety of gluten-free Mexican, Korean, Indian, Chinese, Thai, and Moroccan frozen entrees. All the entrees are made with Halal meats which makes me trust the food I'm eating. I particularly love Saffron Road Chicken Biryani because the meat is tender, the rice is fragrant, and the caramelized onions balance out the dish. 
Ian's Herb Crusted Gluten Free Frozen Fish Filet
If you're looking for an adult version of fish sticks, that is also gluten-free and made from certified sustainable seafood, Ian's Herb Crusted Fish Fillet. Wild Pollock Fillet, Gluten Free Breading (modified potato starch, tapioca starch, white corn flour, sugar, salt, contains two percent or less of: yeast, xanthan gum, onion powder, garlic powder, monoglycerides, modified cellulose gum, spices, natural flavor, yeast extract, ascorbic acid), Gluten Free Batter [water, modified corn starch, rice flour, onion powder, garlic powder, salt, tapioca starch, dextrin, leavening (sodium acid phosphate, sodium bicarbonate), spice, dried torula yeast, natural flavor, xanthan gum, annatto extract]. Breading set in Non-GMO expeller pressed canola oil. 
I would never think to buy frozen egg rolls, but feel good foods has changed my mind about all that. I actually think the gluten free egg roll wrappers on feel good foods' Chicken and Vegetable Egg Rolls taste better than non-gluten free ones I've eaten in the past. They're much lighter and don't leave a chalky or oily taste in your mouth after eating them. They're a perfect snack that you won't feel guilty about eating.

Gluten Free Condiments, Dressings, and Sauces


Organic Lactose Free Ghee from Tava via
 Tava Madagascar Vanilla Bean Ghee is perfect for those who love flavor, and are looking for a lactose-, gluten-free butter alternative for baking. This organic ghee is made with grass-fed butter and infused with pure Madagascar vanilla bean. It's spreadable, so I love using it on Mikey's Muffins for a morning delight.


Gluten Free Sugar Free Whole 30 Approved Dressing and BBQ Sauce from Tessemaes via
If you’re looking for gluten free condiments, or the best condiments for that matter, look no further than Tessemae’s. It’s the perfect all-natural, hand crafted, sugar free, gluten free, vegan dressing. I love the fact that Tessemae’s only uses natural ingredients to make their products. Matty's BBQ Sauce is made with Date puree (Water, Organic dates, Lemon juice), Tomato puree (Tomatoes, Salt), Organic balsamic vinegar, Filtered water, Organic mustard (Organic vinegar, Water, Organic mustard seed, Salt, Organic turmeric, Organic spices), Sea salt, Organic coconut aminos (Organic Coconut sap [Tree nut], Sea salt), Spices, Onion powder, Garlic powder. Ingredients don't get better than that. Tessemae's makes all its products in Maryland.


Hilarys Eat Well Dressing Gluten Free and NonGMO via
Hilary's Eat Well Balsamic Thyme Dressing is made with organic, gluten free ingredients you can pronounce like, cold-pressed grapeseed oil and Redmond’s Real Salt®. As a result, it's flavorful and complements any salad. Not only is the dressing gluten-free, it's corn-, soy-, dairy-, nut-, and yeast-free too. It's low in sugar and carbohydrates, unlike most dressings on supermarket shelves, so you'll feel great about serving it to everyone in the family.


Gluten Free Breakfast


Munk Pack On-The Go Oatmeal Packets - Vegan, Gluten-, and GMO-Free
Surprisingly textured and tasty, we love these on-the-go Munk Pack Oatmeal Fruit Squeezes that are a ready-to-eat oatmeal. They are packed with grains and fruit bites, making them perfect for a quick breakfast or snack on the go. Available in five delicious flavors, including Apple Quinoa Cinnamon, Maple Pear Quinoa, and more, they are gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan and high in fiber (4 grams).


Seven Sundays Muesli | Made in Minnesota | Gluten Free
Seven Sundays will make you celebrate everyday like it's Sunday! The gluten-free Blueberry Chia Buckwheat variety is the perfect marriage of oats, organic honey, crispy coconut, apple-juice-sweetened blueberries, chia seeds, pepitas and buckwheat. Are you salivating yet? Head to Target stores to pick up this Minnesota made treat!


American Made Gluten-Free Snacks and Meals from USALoveListlcom including Erewhon Crispy Brown Rice Cereal
Simple, organic, and non-GMO, you can feel good about eating this crispy rice cereal. Erewhon Crispy Brown Rice is made with only three ingredients, organic brown rice, organic brown rice syrup, and sea salt. It is certified gluten-free, USDA organic, and it's Non-GMO Project Verified. The cereal is made from brown rice that is oven-toasted, so it's nuttier and crispy than some other brands. An interesting fact about Erewhon is that is was founded by two macrobiotic educators in 1966, and was operated out of its initial storefront location on Boston's Newbury Street. In 1970, Erewhon was a pioneer in contracting with farmers to produce organically grown crops.


Gluten-Free Bread Options and Replacements

Jilz Crackerz - Gluten-Free, GMO-Free, and Grain-Free Crackers - Made in California
Jilz Crackerz are so amazing. I had to start by saying that. These gluten-free, GMO-Free, grain-free, Paleo, and vegan crackers are made with clean, anti-inflammatory ingredients including organic sesame seeds, organic tapioca flour, organic almond flour, organic sunflower seed flour, organic chia seeds, organic flax seeds, and organic apple cider vinegar. They're made in California and come in three flavors, Original Cracked Pepper and Sea Salt, Mediterranean, and Tuscan.

Gluten- and Grain-Free Premade Mixes from Simple Mills via
Simple Mills Banana Muffin Mix is a savior! Simple Mills offers the best pre-made mixes for low-carb and gluten free baking. My favorite mix is the Banana Muffin mix. They are made with a few simple ingredients, almond flour, banana, organic coconut sugar, arrowroot powder, organic coconut flour, baking soda, and Celtic sea salt. You simply have to add eggs, mix, and bake. I've substituted bananas for the eggs, and it tastes great that way too! I really enjoy these to satiate a sweet craving.


American Made Paleo Gifts - The Greater Knead - Gluten-, Egg-, Soy-, Dairy-, Nut-Free Bagels
You’re going to love The Greater Knead Gluten-Free Bagels. They have a chewy texture and flavors that I love. They come frozen. You simply microwave them for 60 seconds or heat them at 350 for 15 minutes. I prefer heating them in the oven to get the outside crunchy, while keeping the inside chewy. These bagels are made with water, white rice flour, tapioca flour, brown sugar, sorghum flour, sweet white rice flour, olive oil, psyllium husk, xanthan gum, yeast, molasses, and salt. (Other ingredients are included, depending on the flavor variety.) They are Kosher, gluten-, soy-, egg-, dairy, nut-, and GMO free. The Greater Knead is a Women Owned Business making its products in a dedicated gluten-free facility outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Build Your Own Bagel Box with 3, 6, or 9 packages make way to find your favorite flavors!


Soozy's Gluten Free and Paleo Blueberry Muffins - You'd Never Know Because They
Soozy's Wild Blueberry Muffins taste amazing. I love blueberry muffins and appreciate Soozy's for their gluten-, grain-, dairy-, peanut-, soy-free muffins. These muffins are made with clean ingredients including Soozy's Flour Blend (blanched almond flour, arrowroot flour, organic coconut flour), filtered water, cage free whole eggs, maple syrup, wild blueberries, organic coconut sugar, organic extra virgin coconut oil, dried orange peel, organic apple cider vinegar, vanilla extract, cinnamon, lemon extract, paleo baking powder (baking soda, monocalcium phosphate, cream of tartar), vanilla extract, and sea salt.


 Mikeys Muffins |Made in USA |Gluten Free, Paleo, Non GMO
Mikey’s Muffins are THE perfect bread substitute. I used these muffins as bread for a BLT and my own version of the McChicken sandwich, low carb style. These are really great to have around. You'll find yourself using them for everything.


Raw, Gluten Free Wraps from WrawP, made in California, via
 WrawP‘s raw, vegan, gluten free, organic wraps are amazing. I tried them last year at a tradeshow and they were one of the products that stood out in a sea of options. They are bursting with flavors, and are perfect for making sandwiches without any gluten. I love their texture too; they are chewier than regular tortillas. Each wrap is made with organic fruits and vegetables with spices added to complement the flavor profile of the wrap. They are handmade in California.


Gluten Free Snacks

Gluten-, Soy-, Dairy, Grain-Free, Whole30 Approved Paleo Friendly Jerky From Wild Zora | Made in Colorado
Wild Zora meat & veggie bars are incredibly flavorful, moist, and tasty. It’s a jerky we love. Zora herself makes paleo and Whole30 approved jerky in Colorado. It’s grain-, gluten-, soy-, nut-, and dairy-free. It’s made with grass-fed beef that is free of antibiotic or hormones. The full ingredients, including, grass-fed beef, organic fruits and vegetables (red bell pepper, apricots, dates, kale, garlic and onion), spices, cayenne pepper, sea salt and celery powder. Wild Zora jerky is made in Colorado.


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Organic Gluten Free Rice and Quinoa Tortilla Chips - Lunderberg Grounded Snacks
If you're a fan of Sun Chips French Onion Chips and churros, you're sure to love Lundberg Grounded Snacks in French Onion and Cinnamon Sugar. These chips are super satisfying despite not being made with wheat. They're flavorful and crunchy; I only wish I could get my hands on a bigger bag! Lundberg Family Farms uses red rice and quinoa to make its chips gluten-free. The company is a family-owned, independent company and grounded in its commitment to farming practices that fuel a healthier planet.


Thats It Fruit Bars Reviewed | Non-GMO and Gluten Free Snacks
I love That's It fruit bars! They are made with non-GMO fruit bars are made with one simple ingredient – fruit. Hence the name, That's It. These bars make it easy and convenient to get two whole servings of fruit from just one bar. You may have seen them at your favorite Starbucks location. Pick one up next time; you won't regret it.


Nut-Free, Dairy-,Gluten-, Corn-, Soy-, GMO-Free LivBars
LivBars are the perfect on-the-go snack for numerous reasons. They are have a great crunchy texture, come in vibrant flavors without being overly sweet, and they come in compostable wrappers. In addition to being gluten-free, they are also organic, corn-, soy-, GMO-, and nut-free. (They do contain coconuts, but not any other type of nut.)  They come in four flavors – Blueberry Vanilla Kale, Ginger Lemon Turmeric, Raspberry Kale Maca, and Coffee Maple Cacao. My favorite flavor is the Ginger Lemon Turmeric for its refreshing lemon flavor and slight spiciness from the ginger.


 Creation Nation Energy Bite Mix - Paleo Gluten, Grain, Dairy, Soy-Free
Creation Nation's Paleo Energy Bite Mix makes it easy to create a quick ‘no-bake' energizing snack made to your taste specifications. I love the flavor and consistency of this mix. Whip up delicious, fresh, homemade energy balls by adding one of two ingredients – coconut oil or any nut butter of your choice. (Here are nut butters we recommend.) If you'd like a sweeter snack, simply add honey or maple syrup. If you're looking for an even more energizing snack, make it “bulletproof” with grass-fed butter and coffee. This mix is made with a few simple ingredients including organic shredded coconut, organic brazil nut powder, organic cocoa powder, organic flaxseed meal, organic vanilla flavor, sea salt, and monk fruit. The mix is paleo, vegan, and gluten-, grain-, dairy-, and soy-free.


Veggie Go's Sweet Potato Apple Spices Fruit Leather - Gluten Free, Organic, GMO Free, Kosher
Veggie Go's are my jam, yo! There is no other fruit snack you should be eating. That's all there is to it. My grandfather used to make fruit leather from the fruit he grew in his garden in New Jersey and Veggie Go's reminds me of them. The fruit flavors are so intense and true. The Sweet Potato Apple and Spices, which is made only with organic ingredients listed in the product's title – simple! They are vegan, GMO free, and Kosher too.


Peaceful Fruits Reviewed - Gluten Free Fruit Leather - As Seen on Shark Tank
 If you're a fan of fruit leather, you'll also love Peaceful Fruits. We did! They are flavorful and more moist than other fruit leathers I've tried. They offer tropical flavors including leather made from the popular acai fruit. When you eat Peaceful Fruits, you're also giving back to the Amazon Rainforest where Evan, founder, served as a Peace Corps volunteer. The acai drizzle fruit leather contains whole, organic acai that grows wild in the rainforest. The acai harvested by local farmers which means that the people in the rainforest can continue to enjoy their way of life. Peaceful Fruits products are vegan, GMO-free, and Rainforest Friendly with no sugar added.


Zego Organic Seed and Fruit Bars - Nut, Dairy and Gluten Free
I cannot tell you enough how utterly delicious ZEGO organic allergy friendly bars are. All the brands products are organic, paleo-friendly, nut-, dairy-, and gluten-free. My favorite is the Coconut Ribbon bar. It contains all organic ingredients including, ZEGO seed blend (sunflower seeds, sacha inchi seed protein, chia seeds, and poppy seeds), dates, sorghum syrup, coconut, and sea salt. Even though there are no peanuts in the bar, the mix of coconut and sunflower seed butter makes a delicious bar that has a peanut butter-like flavor, while the coconut shavings add an extra crunch to the combination of the seeds and sunflower seed butter. It offers the perfect smooth and crunchy texture all at the same time!


Organic Vegan Gluten-Free Dharma Bars - Made in USA
Dharma Bars mission is to fuel passion, body, and spirit with organic plant powered ingredients. These bars are decadent, rich, and flavorful and gluten-free all at the same time! Dharma Bars come in three delicious flavors including Chocolate Almond Date, Cocoa Hemp Cherry, and Vanilla Coconut Almond. In addition to being gluten-free these bars are non-GMO, organic, vegan, kosher, and soy-, and dairy-free.


Vegan Gluten Free Butterfinger Alternative - Oregon Bark - Made in Small Batches in Portland Oregon
Butterfinger fanatics, listen up! If you're looking for a gluten-free, vegan adult version of Butterfinger candy, you will surely love Oregon Bark's Tom Bumble candy bar. Flaky, sweet, and chewy, it's made with organic peanuts, organic cane sugar, hand-harvested Oregon sea salt, organic Madagascar vanilla, organic, and 66% fair trade chocolate.

Keto, Gluten-Free Nui Birthday Cake Cookie - Made in USA
Just like all the cookies on this list, NUI Birthday Cake Cookies remind me that gluten-free cookies can taste just as good as traditional cookies you may have grown up eating.  They're made with a blend nut flours is packed with 6g of protein and less than 4g of net carbs. They also include rich in grass fed butter, coconut oil, and MCT oil and are naturally sweetened with Erythritol and Monk Fruit Extract. NUI is known for their inventive line of low carb keto snacks.


Goodie Girl Mint Slims Gluten Free Version of Girl Scout Thin Mints Cookies
Girl Scouts step aside; Goodie Girl Mint Slims are here. Your prayers for a gluten-free chocolate dipped mint cookie have been answered.  Let your taste buds welcome the chocolatey mint flavor and crispy texture as you take your first bite.  These gluten-free, non-GMO, and peanut-free sweet treats make them perfect to share with everyone. Goodie Girl offers four other flavors including, Toffee Chaos, Quinoa Chocolate Chip, Midnight Brownie, and Oatmeal Raisin. Midnight Brownie and Quinoa Chocolate Chip come in Go Paks, making them the perfect to eat on the go.


Gluten-Free Maxine's Heavenly Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
Looking for a more baked, soft cookie that's gluten free? Try Maxine's Heavenly. Vegan, gluten-, GMO-, and soy-free, these cookies are a perfect stand in for your old childhood favorites. They are flavorful, moist and the perfect sweetness too. I'm a fan. They come in five flavors, Almond Chocolate Chunk, Cinnamon Oatmeal Raisin, Chocolate Chocolate Chunk, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk, and Pumpkin Pecan Spice. Oatmeal Raisin cookies are always my favorite, and that's true with Maxine's Heavenly as well. The Pumpkin Pecan Spice ones are my second favorite.


American Made Gluten-Free Snacks and Meals from USALoveListlcom including Cappellos Vegan Gluten- Grain-Free Chooclate Chip Cookies
Cappello's makes grain-and gluten-free pasta, pizza and chocolate chip cookie dough. I love these Colorado-made products. They are made with quality ingredients, and it's obvious by the taste. I particularly love Cappello's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough because they are the first to offer a tasty gluten-free version of this nostalgic and iconic American treat. The dough is made from almond flour, chocolate chunks organic Grade B Vermont maple syrup, arrowroot flour, organic coconut oil, organic sea salt, organic vanilla extract, and baking soda.


American Made Gluten-Free Snacks and Meals from USALoveListlcom including Rhythm Kale Chips Reviewed
I love kale chips, and Rhythm Superfoods Kool Ranch Kale Chips are awesome. You'll eat the entire bag. Trust me. They are made with real and simple ingredients including organic kale, organic sunflower seeds, organic tahini, organic apple cider vinegar, organic onion powder, organic evaporated cane juice, organic lemon juice concentrate, organic carrot powder, sea salt, and organic spices. They're the perfect crunch and texture thanks to the tahini. I also love the bite that the apple cider vinegar gives.


American Made Gluten-Free Snacks and Meals from USALoveListlcom including Attune Probiotic Chocolate Reviewed
Have your chocolate, and eat it too with Attune probiotic chocolate bars. They deliver four billion CFUs of clinically supported strains of probiotics and are certified gluten-free. Unlike many probiotic bars that need to be refrigerated, the new line is shelf-stable, and come in three flavors – Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate Crisp, and Toasted Coconut. They are made with Fair Trade Certified Cocoa too.


American Made Gluten-Free Snacks and Meals from USALoveListlcom including Flax4Life Brownies Reviewed jpg
You'll never believe the first ingredient in these brownies. It's flax seeds, and they are, by far, my very favorite gluten-free brownies. If no one had told me Flax4Life Mini Flax Chocolate Brownie were grain- and gluten-free, I wouldn't have had any idea. They're made with simple ingredients, including ground flax seeds, evaporated cane juice, frozen egg whites, expeller pressed safflower oil, cocoa powder, tapioca flour, water, natural vanilla extract, sea salt, and aluminum-free baking powder in the company's Washington factory. They are on my personal love list.


Good Health Avocado Oil Kettle Chips - Non GMO and Gluten Free
Potatoes are a naturally gluten free snack choice. Good Health Avocado Oil Kettle Chips are crisp and flavorful. I love that these chips are cooked in an oil that doesn't smoke at a high heat; it makes a huge difference – it highlights the flavor of the potato.


American Made Gluten-Free Snacks and Meals from including Annie B's Popcorn and Caramels
Corn is a naturally gluten free snack choice. Annie B's makes tasty and unique popcorn options like Annie B's Sea Salt Caramel Popcorn. The buttery caramel popcorn is speckled with sea salt for lovely sweet and salty indulgence, without a lot of guilt.


Cabot Cheese - Gluten Free Snacks Reviewed on
Cheese is a naturally gluten free snack. I love buying and eating Cabot cheese. The Alpine Cheddar has a nutty flavor, making it the perfect one to serve with cheese and crackers. This is just a good quality cheese to have on hand to eat, well, any time! The brand's products support a cooperative owned by 1,200 farm families in New England and New York and 100% of the profits go to the farmers.


Soy-, Dairy-, Gluten-, Nut-Free Meat Snack Sticks from Wilde
Sweet, spicy, and supple Wilde Chili Lime Slow-Baked Beef Bars are a perfect protein-packed on-the-go snack. Wilde snacks are soy-, dairy-, nut-, gluten-free and low in sugar. These bars come in six flavors. The chili lime is my favorite.


Natural, Vegan Gluten Free Gum by Simply Gum - Reviewed on
Have you ever considered what's in your chewing gum? The team at Simply Gum has. They set out to offer a chewing gum made with gluten-free and organic ingredients, including chicle, organic cane sugar, organic vegetable glycerin, organic sunflower lecithin, organic rice flour, and all natural flavor. When you first chew the gum, the flavor isn't overly powerful. I appreciate that because the gum's flavor stays consistent.


Raw Energy Bars from Bearded Brothers, Made in Texas - Review via
Bearded Brothers energy bars are legit.  These energy bars are raw, organic, vegan and gluten-, and soy-free. You'll recognize all the ingredients in the bars too. My favorite is the Radical Raspberry Lemon Energy Bar. It has a bold raspberry flavor and finishes with a tart fresh lemon flavor. The Radical Raspberry Lemon is made of organic figs, organic dates, roasted organic sunflower seed, organic shelled hemp seeds, organic raspberries, organic chia seeds, organic cold pressed lemon extract, and sea salt. Bearded Brothers makes its products in Austin, Texas.


Gluten Free Snacks On-the-Go Justins Honey Peanut Butter and Banana Chips
We love Justin's newest creation that makes eating nut butter so easy. Convenient and portable, Justin's Honey Peanut Butter and Banana Chips packs five grams of protein and three grams of fiber in the first ever non-perishable fruit and nut butter pairing. It's perfect for eating anytime on-the-go. This snack pack is made with dry roasted peanuts, honey powder (sugar and honey), palm oil, sea salt, organic bananas, organic coconut oil, organic sugar, and organic honey.


Gluten Free Cheddar Chips, LIke Sun Chips from Simply7 - Reviewed on
I just devoured a bag of Simply7 Cheddar Quinoa Chips in one sitting. Oops! I couldn't help it. They taste so good! Think gluten-free Sun Chips. Simply7 chips have so much flavor and are better tasting then I ever thought they could be. The brand offers chips made of quinoa, lentil, or chickpea flour, making them a great option when you're looking for a gluten-free crunch.


Gluten Free Pão de Queijo from Brazi Bites
This is Pão de Queijo as it has been enjoyed in Brazil for centuries. I'm a huge fan of Brazi Bites Cheddar & Parmesan pão de queijo because it's most like the ones I ate while in Brazil. If you like smooth textures, you're going to be obsessed with this bread! They are made from tapioca flour, eggs, milk, parmesan cheese, safflower oil, cheddar cheese, filtered water, and salt. They are gluten-, GMO-, sugar-, soy-free. Find them at your local Costco or Whole Foods.


Olomomo Small Batch, Kettle Roasted Almonds and Cashews - Made in Colorado
I love flavored nuts as a snack, and I particularly love OLOMOMO small batch, kettle roasted almonds and cashews because they are made with real, Fair Trade ingredients. OLOMOMO nuts are packed with protein, beneficial fats, and essential minerals. They come in no-sugar-added varieties too, which I love as an option for snacking. They are made with no hydrogenated oils, preservatives, or artificial flavors, but rather organic and non-GMO ingredients. All of OLOMOMO's nuts are manufactured in Colorado.


Gluten Free Wholly Guacamole Minis Reviewed on
I promise Wholly Guacamole minis will be your new go-to snack. I typically don't like guacamole that's prepared and ready to buy, but I've changed my mind after eating Wholly Guacamole's guacamole. The Homestyle Minis are my favorite because they have a medium kick, thanks to the jalapeño pepper. They are made with Hass avocado, vinegar, jalapeño pepper, dehydrated onion, salt, and granulated garlic. That's it; no preservatives.


Go Raw Sprouted Spiced Chai Cookies - Gluten Free Review on
Go Raw Spiced Chai Sprouted Cookies are one of my favorite snacks. They are made with simple and organic ingredients – coconut, sprouted sesame seeds, dates, orange peel and spices. I love the crunch and flavor of these little bite size cookies, and I know you will too!


PROBAR Bolt Energy Chews For Sustained Energy On The Go - Great For Camping via
Caffeine on the go can be a difficult proposition, especially if you're engaging in outdoor actives, like hiking, and it's not easy to get to your nearest coffee shop or make your own. I don't drink energy drinks, so it never occurred to me to search for an energy product. When I heard about PROBAR Bolt though, I was interested to try them. These energy chews are made with organic superfruit and packed with electrolytes, B vitamins, and caffeine from yerba mate. They're gluten-free, and non-GMO certified, as well. I love that they deliver sustained energy, without any jittery side effects. They're easy enough to carry, so I love keeping them on hand wherever I go.


Tribe Swirl Hummus - BOGO at many national retailers - Gluten Free Snacks via
Tribe Swirl Garlic and Herb Hummus is any garlic lover's dream come true. This hummus is packed with flavor because the hummus base is infused with ribbons of garlic and herbs swirled through the hummus for extra flavor in every bite.


ProTings Protein Low Carb Chips | Gluten free snacks|Vegan snacks
You don't have to give up crisp textures and bold flavors when you drop gluten, and ProTings is proof of that. ProTings are perfect for dipping. I love the Chili Lime with Salsa and I like to use the Tangy Southern BBQ in place of croutons in my kale salads! These chips have 15 grams of protein and only four net carbs. They are GMO-free, and vegan too.


These aren't your boring dry macaroons. Emmy's Organics macaroons are the real deal. I was wide eyed when I first tried them. All of the flavors, I like Lemon Ginger best for its vibrant, refreshing taste. All Emmy’s products are made without artificial flavors or coloring and are certified USDA organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free and vegan. Committed to transparency and using business as a force for good, Emmy’s Organics is also a certified B Corporation. Emmy’s makes its cookies in a solar and wind-powered facility that produces minimal waste, uses recyclable packaging and regularly gives back to local Ithaca organizations. Next time you spot these at your local grocery store, grab a bag (or three) to try!

Larabar Limited Edition Strawberry Shortcake | Gluten free, Vegan, Non GMO, Dairy Free + Soy Free
Get excited for Larabar‘s newest flavors: Strawberry Shortcake and Coconut Pineapple Cake. Don't miss out on these flavors. They are only around for a limited time. Larabars are always gluten free, dairy free, soy free, vegan, and GMO-free.


American Made Gluten-Free Snacks and Meals from USALoveListlcom including Rise Protein Bars made with 3 ingredients
Rise Protein Almond Honey Bar are made with three real food ingredients, including almonds, honey, and whey protein isolate. The bar is smooth, and not textured, which makes it like eating nougat. It tastes indulgent, but it's good for you. The bars have between 15-20 grams of protein. They are gluten-, GMO-, soy- free, and kosher. Some of their bars are made with pea protein, making them a great vegan option, but I prefer the ones with the whey because they tend to be more moist. Find these tasty babies at your local Whole Foods Market.


Pork Clouds artisanal pork rinds| Gluten free snack
Bacon's Heir offers artisanal pork rinds. I bet you didn't even know there was such a thing, right? These babies are fried in GMO-free olive oil and topped with ceylon cinnamon. Think carb-free churro!


Piping Gourmet Whoopie Pies | Gluten free, dairy free, vegan, kosher, AND non-GMO!
Mmmm….cake! The Piping Gourmet's Whoopie Pies are made with chocolate or vanilla cake filled with a decadent vegan + dairy free frosting. These GMO- free tasty treats are available in six varieties; Double Chocolate, Chocolate Raspberry, Chocolate Vanilla, Chocolate Mint, Vanilla Lemon, and Classic Vanilla.


Gluten Free Drinks

Gluten Free Goodies via USALoveList - Celestial Seasonings Dirty Chai - Just Add Milk.jpg
Celestial Seasonings Dirty Chai Latte makes it easy to enjoy a caffeine-charged chai at home. The concentrate already has added honey and cinnamon, clove, cardamom, and ginger, so you only have to add milk for the perfect creamy chai latte.

We recently got a chance to try Know Brainer ketogenic butter coffee creamers and instant beverages. The all-in-one butter and MCT oil packets made keto coffee easy on a bleary-eyed morning. Flavored instants like mocha, chai, and green tea latte delivered a hot, creamy, power-packed afternoon treat. 15% off with code USALOVE through December 31, 2018.


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