The KitchenAid Mixer has been proudly heralded in kitchens all over the United States and the world for close to 100 years now and, as always, it is still assembled in the USA. We wish we could tell you that the best-of-the-best mixer is 100% made in the USA, but some of its parts are imported. Most notably, the bowl is not made in the USA. However, the overall mixer product is assembled in Ohio.

We're not entirely sure why KitchenAid is not proudly proclaiming their American-made status all over their site because their iconic stand mixers are an exemplary product with a hefty price tag that many could justify a little more if they knew they were choosing the mixer that is built by American workers.  Perhaps it is because, unfortunately, KitchenAid has added its name to a variety of other kitchen tools and appliances, not all of which are made here, but the countertop stand mixers are, and always have been. It is yet another reason to covet an American-made KitchenAid in your favorite color.
And really, can you blame anyone for wanting one of these? They’re durable, well-made, highly functional, and you can find a color to match any décor or style in your house.  By selecting a KitchenAid mixer you are keeping jobs and manufacturing in Ohio, which currently has a 9% unemployment rate. In the town of Greenville, they celebrate KitchenAid mixers with factory tours and a huge “retail experience”.  Their website at hosts plenty of tantalizing photos, the details on the various models, and information about the many attachments that work with KitchenAid stand mixers.
Thinking of splurging in the name of an outstanding American-made product? Look for sale prices at major retailers.  Here are some of our favorite sources:
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