We are so fortunate. What a wonderful news we have for our readers this week. We have a fascinating product review, an especially generous giveaway, and an incredible opportunity, all from a company you'll want to know: Able Closures.  We hope you caught our profile of Able Closures a few months back and if you didn't, you might want to take a moment to read about them now because they have a great story – just the kind we like to share on USA Love List.  Inspired by the kinds of durable leather goods produced in the 1920's and 30's that lasted a lifetime, if not generations, the company set out to produce briefcases and business cases of the highest quality, all made in the USA.  Their cases each carry a limited lifetime warranty and unique id.  Having seen them photographed and in person, I can attest that these cases are of a quality unlike anything I have ever seen.
The Review
I received the Executive Consultant Case in Saddle for review (pictured upper right).  [Disclosure: USA Love List received this product unconditionally for review purposes. Our opinions are always our own, and we aim to write fair and balanced reviews to promote only the very best of American-made products.] It arrived with same warm glow it has in the photo. The brass fastener is burnished, not too shiny, and it snapped open and closed with a solid and satisfying click. The exterior is smooth. The edges are carefully finished. The saddle-grade stitching is perfect, yet it is somehow clear that someone worked very hard, by hand, to finish this bag just for me.  These are the details, but I am not sure I can capture the essence of the case in a paragraph.  It has such heft, such strength… I am quite certain that I will be using this case five years from now and at that time I will be able to report to you that it is still in outstanding condition.  I'm afraid you will have to check with my children when they are grown to find out how it has broken in. I am not exaggerating. Stay tuned…

The Giveaway
Meanwhile, we are thrilled to be able to share the quality of an Able Closures case with one of our readers for free; this is a very unusual and exclusive opportunity.  We are giving away an Executive Tablet i-Case for free to one of our readers. It works with any model iPad and other similarly sized tablets and netbooks. It is made of the same 8-12 ounce leather as the larger cases and is lined with Merino wool fleece.  It holds the tablet like an envelope for carrying and travel, allowing the user to slip the tablet out for unencumbered use, just like Steve Jobs intended.  The i-Case is pictured upper left in black, but the winner can select their choice of color. Please share this chance to win with friends who would appreciate a case of this quality.

The Offer
Finally, Able Closures has asked us to include you in a very important program and provide a generous offer for you.  As you are undoubtedly aware, many Americans have been displaced by natural disasters, especially during this spring's unusual weather.  Able Closures is working with disaster relief organizations to give as many duffel bags and backpacks as possible to Americans in need.  If you will send Able Closures a duffel or backpack that you no longer use, they will give you a $100 credit toward the purchase of their new, soft chaps leather, suede-lined, Weekender bag (pictured lower left). For more information on participating in this offer, contact Able Closures directly through their website.
Spread the word to anyone who would like to learn more about this deeply patriotic, dedicated company and their beautiful products. We can't wait to give one of our readers a tablet i-Case in their choice of color for FREE with opportunities for multiple daily entries. Good luck!
Just click the Do It! button for further instructions on each entry. This giveaway will close at midnight on 4/4. A winner will be randomly selected, verified for correct entry participation, and notified by email.


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