The search for hair products to smooth frizzy curly hair gets intense this time of year.  This season's weather has hair strands reaching out for moisture, not allowing them to lay smoothly.  The solution is to add moisture to your hair so it isn't lacking nourishment.  These are a few of my favorite American made styling products for smoothing frizzy curly hair.

Five Made in USA Products for Smoothing Frizzy Curly Hair


Products for frizzy curly hair | Not Your Mother's Kinky Moves | made in USA
Not Your Mothers Kinky Moves keeps curls separate without getting crunchy.  When I applied this to damp curly hair the curls got some definition without weight so they stayed bouncy.  It adds a moderate amount of moisture to dry curls.


Products for frizzy curly hair | Desert Essence Defrizzer and Heat Protector | Made in USA
Desert Essence Coconut Defrizz Heat Protect can be used on straight and curly hair in different amounts.  I used a few mists for my thin, straight hair and on curly, thick hair I sprayed it on until it was nearly saturated.  It worked well to tame frizz during the prep step.  For curly hair, it is perfect for the comb out before using a cream.  Priming with this adds shine.


Products for frizzy curly hair| Teadora natural shampoo | Made in USA
Not all natural shampoo will get hair clean, but Teadora Rainforest at Dawn Nourishing Shampoo does.  The best thing about their shampoo is the natural scent.  It is salon-fresh without chemicals.  It adds maximum moisture to your hair without leaving the product feeling in your hair.  I like this best for medium and thicker hair types.  It nourishes and adds some environmental and heat protection. PS: try the conditioner too!


Frizz fighting hair product | Not Your Mother's Smooth Moves
Not Your Mother's Smooth Moves works best at keeping hair straight.  I put about a dime size in my hair before blow drying it straight and feels like it fuses right on the strands.  It doesn't add volume and is ideal for sleek styles.


Products for frizzy curly hair | New York Streets Hair Repair | Made in USA
I recommend using New York Streets Hair Repair  to add a little volume to more fine hair without creating the puff that can sometimes accompany volumizers.  I felt I had no product at all in my hair with this.  I put it in before blow drying and it flowed smoothly with body.



Flawless by Gabrielle Union Hair Repair Masque
The Hair Repair Masque from Flawless by Gabrielle Union is a weekly treatment product that infuses protein and oils to strengthen hair and repair damage.  Not only does this leave hair hydrated and silky for the day it prevents further damage.



nelsonj hair mask argan oil
A good multi-use product is always good to have on hand.  The Moisture Healing Mask by Nelson j uses Argan Oil to deliver its combination of benefits.  In addition to taming frizz, the cream detangles,  provides silkiness, prevents fading of hair color, protects from chlorine water and seals split ends.  The coconut scent is perfection for all these solutions to common warm weather hair woes.



eprouvage leave in hair conditioner
eprouvage Leave-In Replenishing Conditioner is a daily conditioning spray that makes treating your hair convenient.  Their spray moisturizes, conditions and detangles. It works by delivering plant cell technology to weakened areas of your hair.  I love this after a day of windblown beach hair.  It softens it up from all the salt and sun for smooth looking, flyaway free strands.


Fighting frizz is no easy task, it takes technique and product.  A few basic hair care tips to help tame the mane:

  • Wash and rinse in warm, not hot water.
  • Squeeze the excess water from your hair with a microfiber towel.
  • Use your styling products designed to hydrate, nourish and protect.
  • Don't touch your finished hair.

Remember, the right products make or break a hairstyle!!

products & tips to smooth frizzy hair

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