I recently overhauled my entire collection of beauty and personal care products. In the past, I used Secret or Degree as my antiperspirant and would use Kiss My Face deodorant, if I knew I wasn't going to be doing any serious sweating.  I had never considered that there were better alternatives. After using the Think Dirty app to find out how “dirty” my deodorants were, I knew I had to make a switch. That's when I started to look into more natural deodorant options. (Also check out our list of safe sunscreen brands you can trust.)

My previous antiperspirant had aluminum zirconium tetracholorohydrox and talc. These ingredients are linked to organ toxicity and are a possible ovarian cancer carcinogen, respectively. I decided to try deodorants with non-toxic, natural ingredients and I'll never go back to commercial brands again.

I sweat, like, a lot, so I was curious to know how well these options would work. Let me tell you that they really work in terms of keeping me smelling good, and minimizing sweat during daily activity. Since deodorants aren't made to stop you from sweating, you'll still sweat, but not too much. For me, the change in how much I sweat wasn't any different than what I saw while I was using an antiperspirant. In fact, I think these natural deodorants work better than the Secret and Degree that I was used to using, so the switch to one of the best natural deodorant options was an obvious one.

All of these deodorant options work better than any antiperspirants or other deodorants I have tried before. Know that you will sweat some, but you won't smell! Furthermore, I haven't found any of these options to stain my clothes, even when I'm wearing black. 

Best natural deodorants made in USA

Best Natural Deodorant Brands: Made in the USA

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