This list of casual dresses for women includes dresses that are comfortable for everyday wear. Which means you can wear them running errands, out to lunch with friends, and even to a casual event. We have included brands that offer maxi dresses, midi dresses, and casual plus size dresses, all American made.

Casual Dresses for Women Made in USA

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Casual Dress Styles

Casual dresses for women come in so many different styles! You might be on the hunt for a dress with particular features. We made sure to include casual dresses with various sleeve lengths, neck lines, fits, and fabrics.

We also know that women look for dresses with particular lengths, so we made sure to cover them all. Did you know the different dress lengths actually have names? I dive deeper into this below.

Maxi Dresses Made in USA

Maxi dresses are dresses that rest at the ankles. They are also referred to as full length dresses, or as my grandmother called them, tea-length dresses. Casual maxi dresses are perfect for vacations, BBQs, and casual parties. Maxi dresses are comfortable and fashionable. The make great summer dresses too. We found a lot of American made maxi dresses to add to this list.

Midi Dresses Made in USA

Midi dresses are dresses that fall just below the knee or to the mid calf. Midi dresses are also know as knee-length dresses. Midi dresses are the most popular dress style (this is my go-to dress length). Casual midi dresses make great casual work dresses, and dresses for a casual wedding . They are also comfortable for travel.

Mini Dresses Made in USA

Mini dresses are the shortest dress length. Mini dresses fall above the knee to mid thigh. Mini dresses are usually popular as the tightest style dresses, but flowing mini dresses are in style too. Casual mini dresses can be worn for a casual night out on the town, and to casual parties.

We tried to cover every feature that might be looked for in a casual women's dress. Did we miss a feature that you look for in a dress? Let us know below and we will look for a company that makes a casual dress for women made in the USA.

Casual Dresses for Women, All Made in USA

Did we miss your favorite made in USA maxi dress or casual dress maker? Let us know in the comments below. We update our lists frequently so check back for new additions!

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