You may wonder how to repair sun damage that has started to show.  After enjoying long summer days, your skin shows the signs of being tired, dull, and even discolored.  Of course, the best way to control sun damage is prevention but even then most of our skin can still use some rejuvenation.  There is a broad range of options to recover sun-damaged skin.  Today we are focusing on the fundamentals and an over the counter option that's American made, ALPHA Skin Care.  Depending on the severity of sun damage this may be all you need.


  • Never skip your SPF 30; this blocks the body's cellular response to the sun.
  • Exfoliate regularly; this increases cellular turnover, sloughing old cells for fresh cells.
  • Treat unwanted pigment; it will not bleach skin but will target damaged areas.
  • Always hydrate; this will nourish healthy skin.
  • Use an esthetician's services in conjunction with your home care.
  • Visit a dermatologist for advanced treatments or if you see anything suspicious.


There are a variety of organic and inorganic ingredients used to exfoliate and lighten hyperpigmentation.  Three well known and time tested favorites are glycolic acid, hydroquinone, and retinol.

The use of alpha hydroxy acid-containing products ensures proper penetration of your treatments as the AHA's prep the skin to receive and absorb readily.  It will also help the overall radiance and even tone of your complexion.  Additionally, the increased cellular turnover promotes healthy collagen production.


Below you will find a complete regimen including cleansing, toning, exfoliating, treatment, hydration, and sun protection for optimal results.  For a beginner, I often recommend starting smaller with a cleanser, toner, and recovery cream, assuming you are already using sun protection.

Cleanse using a Refreshing Face Wash.  This thoroughly cleanses using citric AHA's (alpha hydroxy acid) without disrupting the optimum pH of your skin.

Tone with Clarifying Toner.  This is an optional step but ensures your face is completely free of debris. It also tones your pores and increases absorption.

Treat with Dual Action Skin Lightener.  This product uses 2% hydroquinone and 10% glycolic acid together.  Each ingredient at their highest over the counter amount making it safe and effective for home use.

Hydrate and nourish with Essential Renewal Cream.  When you are using active ingredients like glycolic acid your skin needs some recovery products too.  This cream will nourish while allowing your skin to rest and renew without making it work.

Protect your skin with Moisturizing Sunscreen SPF 30.  This is for all skin types and prevents sun damage while lending hydration.  This step is always important but is critical when using lightening products because they can make you more sun-sensitive.

The complete routine will offer you the fastest turnaround time but doing something is better than doing nothing!

How to Repair Sun Damage with ALPHA Skincare - All Products Under $18 - Affordable American Made Beauty Products

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