The perfect pajamas are difficult to find. The perfect pajamas MADE IN USA are even MORE difficult to find! Well, search no more. Depending on what type of PJ's you'd like, we've listed a variety of options for men's, women's and kids' PJs, all made in the USA.

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The Perfect Pajamas Made in the USA: The Source List

Perfect Pajamas For Him & Her

  • Goodwear‘s sleepwear for men and women made is soft, comfortable and cozy, The Goodnite Shirt is available in sizes for men and women. It is really great and fits well too. It's not too tight, and isn't overly baggy so it's nice for both lounging and sleeping.
  • Goodnighties sleepwear collection is made with American “smart fabric” in Huntsville, Alabama.   The fabric has superior moisture-wicking for temperature control and regulation, resulting in a better night's sleep. From women's robes,  sleep shorts and pants, to men's sleep shirts and shorts, available in sizes XS to 3X, Goodnighties offers it all.
  • Vermont Flannel Company flannel pajama sets and lounge pants for men and women are handmade in Vermont. Also available from Amazon.

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Perfect Pajamas For Her

  • Amanda Rich nightgowns are feminine, soft, and made in the USA from cotton and satin. PJ sets and robes also available. Also available in XXL.Perfect Pajamas Made in USA: Amanda Rich #usalovelisted #pajamas
  • Araks luxury silk pajamas are made in the USA. Also available at Saks Off 5th.
  • If you're looking for flannel or silk pajamas, check out Nordstrom's selection of BedHead Pajamas.
    Perfect Pajamas made in USA: Bedhead Pajamas #usalovelisted #pajamas
  • Between the Sheets loungewear, robes, and pajamas are made from soft, flowing fabrics in the New York City Garment District.
  • The Cat's Pajamas cotton pajama sets and lounge pants are made in California. Lounge pants are available in men's styles and sizes. Please note: the knit items are NOT made in the USA.
    Perfect Pajamas made in USA: The Cat's Pajamas cotton PJ sets and lounge pants
  • Decent Exposures cotton nightshirts are made in Seattle, Washington. Available in plus sizes.
  • Elizabeth Cotton pajamas are made from only the best fabrics. Made in New York City.
  • Heidi Houston luxury robes, pajamas, and loungewear are American made.
  • Love + Grace American made pajamas and loungewear are stylish and comfortable. Love + Grace offers women's robes in made in the USA too.
  • Maison du Soir luxury pajamas and loungewear is beautiful, stylish and made in Los Angeles.  Also available at Nordstrom. Perfect Pajamas Made in USA: Maison du Soir luxury sleepwear and loungewear #usalovelisted #sleepwear #loungewear
  • Majamas loungewear, sleepwear is ethically made in the USA. Available in organic, and in maternity sizes.Perfect Pajamas made in USA: Majamas ecofriendly loungewear and pajamas #usalovelisted #pajamas
  • Only Hearts luxury sleepwear and loungewear is comfortable, fashionable and designed and made in New York City.Perfect Pajamas made in USA: Only Heart Sleepwear and loungewear #usalovelisted #pajamas
  • PJ Harlow carries nightgowns, bathrobes, and more with many colors to choose from. PJ Harlow pajamas and loungewear is designed and produced in California.

PJ Harlow pajamas and lounge wear | Made in California

  • Savi Mom maternity and nursing pajamas and loungewear is designed for comfort and style. Also available at Nordstrom.
    Perfect Pajamas made in USA: Savi Mom maternity and nursing pajamas #usalovelisted #pajamas
  • Sloane & Tate luxury loungewear is sustainably made in Los Angeles.

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For Kids

We have a source list for this! We found so many brands of American made pajamas for kids that we loved, so we created the Made in USA Kids' Pajamas Ultimate Source List.Pajamas for kids | Childrens PJS made in USA

Perfect Pajamas Made in USA Retailers

The following retailers offer a wide selection of made in USA pajamas and loungewear.

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