Purchasing American made sheets shows your support to the businesses that have chosen to continue the tradition of textile manufacturing in the USA. Did you know that the first factory in the USA was a textile spinning plant? Textile manufacturing has played a major role in the history of American Made products.

American Made Sheets

Authenticity50 Sheets: Made in USA from Seed to Stitch®

Authenticity50 made in USA Signature Sheets are made from American grown Supima cotton. Supima cotton has longer fibers than regular cotton, making it softer and stronger. The stronger cotton thread results in cotton bedding that is long lasting. Sheets made from Supima cotton are more resistant to pilling, shrinking, and puckering at the stitching, giving them a longer life span than sheets made from traditional cotton. 

Authenticity50 chose to make the Signature Sheets with percale woven material, as opposed to sateen.  Percale woven sheets are extremely durable, breathable, and get softer with age.

Authenticity50 luxury sheets are made 100% in the USA with the collaboration of manufacturing facilities located across the country. The Signature Sheets are available in Signature White, and Carolina Gray. American made luxury bedding by Authenticity50 makes a great wedding or bridal shower gift. Or go ahead and treat yourself  to luxury sheets- you deserve them.

American Made Sheets: Authenticity50 made in USA from Seed to Stitch® #usalovelisted #sheets #bedding #madeinUSA
Authenticity50 sheets

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  • American Blossom Linens luxury organic cotton sheets are made in Georgia at Thomasten Mills, a mill that has been manufacturing since 1899. Take 15% off your American Blossom Linens luxury organic bedding order now with code USALOVE. No expiration. One use per customer.
  • Authenticity50 Signature Sheets are made in the USA from Seed to Stitch® from Supima cotton. These percale woven sheets are durable, breathable and get stronger and softer with age. Learn more about Authenticity50 Signature Sheets at the top of this post.
American made Sheets: Authenticity50 Supima cotton percale weave Signature Sheets #usalovelitsted #bedding #sheets #madeinUSA
Authenticity50 Signature Sheets are made in the USA from Seed to Stitch®

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