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How to Get Rid of Ants with DIY Ant Bait Using Safe, Made in USA Ingredients

If you are wondering how to get rid of ants safely, than I have THE tip for you! It isn't summer here in our household until carpenter ants make an appearance in our kitchen.  These unwanted guests don't stay long, as upon first sight, I mix up a concoction of made in USA Borax and sugar to serve to them as a welcome snack. Carpenter ants LOVE to eat sweet things, so the sugar draws their attention, while the Borax slowly poisons them. Worker ants bring the Borax back to the nest to poison the others. Bwahahaha!!! In my opinion, making...

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Crafting With Kids: How to Make Valentine Candy Jars

Yup, it's ANOTHER snow day in my neck of the woods which means it's is the perfect time to whip out the American made craft supplies. Valentine's Day is only a week away, so we are ready to get our Valentine's Day craft on and make some Valentine Candy Jars for teacher gifts. This is a fun and easy project for kiddos of all ages.  Actually, the hardest part about this craft was making sure that we didn't eat all of the Goetze's Candy Caramel Creams that we are using to put in our finished jars! How to Make Valentine Candy Jars Supplies...

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5 American Made College Campus Must Haves

If you are off at college this year, or know someone who is, make sure to read and share our suggestions of American made college campus must haves! All of these items are essentials for students who live on campus, as well as those who live “down the line”, to make it through a full day of classes. Start the school year off right with these 5 College Campus must haves 1. A large, sturdy tote bag Tough Traveler has been manufacturing bags, luggage, child carriers and backpacks in upstate New York for over 40 years. The Daycoma Tote is the perfect size for...

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Made in USA Teacher Gift Ideas

If you are looking for a special gift for your child's teacher, or teachers, here are some ideas inspired by a few of our favorite American made products. Made in USA Teacher Gift Ideas DIY Candy Jar  My kids LOVE creating gifts for their teachers. The DIY Candy Jar is a unique gift that's fun and easy to make. Instead of felt hearts, kids can cut out flowers, music notes, letters, or what ever shapes they think Teacher would like.  Don't forget to stuff the completed jar with American made candy like Goetze's Candy Company's Caramel Creams or Mini Cow Tales in Teacher's favorite flavor-...

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How to Make Apple Cider From Fresh, Local Apples

My kiddos LOVE apple juice, but I stopped buying it in the store years ago when I noticed it's nearly impossible to find apple juice that is NOT made from from foreign apples. I mean, really, if apples can be grown in all 50 states, and 32 of those states grow apples commercially, than why does all the apple juice come from another country? Anyone? Anyone? Well, we found out that making our own apple cider using fresh, local apples is actually very simple, especially with our made in the USA Champion Juicer. And that's right, I said cider. What...

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