Let's talk about cheese… pimento cheese, to be specific. Do you like it? We thought so. (Wait, if there is someone out there who has never heard of it, we promise, you'll love it.) We tried some really unique pimento spreads that we just had to share. They come from all over the country reflecting regional preferences, but they are all, of course, made in the USA. We wouldn't blame you if you ordered all five and had a pimento cheese party!

Spicy White Cheddar from My Three Sons is the perfect blend of Vermont made extra sharp cheddar cheese with a spicy finishing kick. My Three Sons' is a less chunky style of pimento, so I enjoyed it best on a crunchy chip.

Unique Pimento Cheese Options From My Three Sons Pimento Cheese - Spicy White Cheddar | #AmericanMade #PimentoCheese #CaviaroftheSouth

Bacon from Palmetto Pimento Cheese offers the best blend of crispy bacon bites mixed with its beloved pimento cheese spread.  Made in Pawley's Island, South Carolina.

Unique Pimento Cheese Options From Palmento Pimento Cheese - Bacon Pimento | #AmericanMade #PimentoCheese #CaviaroftheSouth

Horseradish from Penny’s Pimento Cheese offers the perfect balance of a vinegary horseradish taste to a creamy pimento cheese spread. It's not too spicy, and if you love horseradish, I promise you'll be shoveling this into your mouth a record speed. I'm talking from experience here!

Unique Pimento Cheese Options From Penny's Pimento Cheese - Horseradish | #AmericanMade #PimentoCheese #CaviaroftheSouth

Goat Cheese and Sun-dried Tomato from Red Clay Gourmet is the most unique twist on the traditional style pimento spread that I tasted. It's a creamy blend of goat cheese with the chewiness of sun-dried tomatoes. Lance and Michele Sawyer also serve Rey Clay Gourmet pimento at their restaurant, First Street Draught House, in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Unique Pimento Cheese Options From Red Clay Gourmet Cheese Pimento Cheese - Goat Cheese and Sun-Dried Tomato | #AmericanMade #PimentoCheese #CaviaroftheSouth

Original from Queen Charlotte’s Pimento Cheese Royale offers my favorite original pimento dip. I love that the cheese is shredded thick, so you can really savor the cheese.  This dip is made from three different cheese blends too. It's made of a proprietary base of cream cheese, Duke's Mayonnaise, and secret spices,  sharp cheddar, white cheddar, and pepper jack cheese. It's made in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Unique Pimento Cheese Options From Queen Charlottes Royal Cheese Pimento Cheese - Black and Bleu | #AmericanMade #PimentoCheese #CaviaroftheSouth

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Image Credit: Boston Globe

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