For all the golf lovers in your life, make sure the gifts are American made. From golf clothing for men and women to golf gear, we've found all the American made unique golf gifts you need, right here in USA Love List's golf enthusiast gift guide.

American Made Gifts for the Golfer

Golf Attire

Straight Down apparel has a light weight golf pants and pullovers that are made in the USA. Note: Not all Straight Down clothing is American Made, but they have a ‘MADE IN USA' option in their menu drop down that makes clothing that is easy to find. They also sell Made in USA MacKenzie Golf Bags.

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Allie Burke luxury golf clothing for women is made in the USA.

Bobbe activewear for women has golf attire made in the USA of Italian materials.

Unfortunately we have not been able to find any golf shoes made in the USA. Allen Edmonds use to have a line of made in USA golf shoes, but they no longer do. FootJay, a popular golf shoe brand, also used to manufacture some golf shoes in the USA, but in 2009 they closed their US factory.

Swiftwick performance socks come with compression benefits. The sock's thin profile reduces the effects of fatigue to maintain performance longer. They're available in five different heights and come in 11 color options and can be found on Amazon.

Golf Gear

Did you know that Pinnacle is a Titleist company and makes its golf balls right in Fairhaven, Massachusetts? In fact, all Pinnacle golf balls are designed, tested and manufactured in Massachusetts. The brand's newest collections are the Pinnacle Rush and Soft Golf Balls also found on Amazon. The Pinnacle Soft balls have a high-energy, low compression core making them great for putting, while the Pinnacle Rush balls are designed with a high-energy core to produce speed on full swing shots.

Pinnacle Rush and Soft Golf Balls Reviewed | American Made Golf Balls | Designed and Manufactured in Fairhaven, Massachusetts | Unique Golf Gifts

EcoGolf golf tees  make a great gift for the Eco conscious golfer. EcoGolf tees are made from recycled scrap polymers and are biodegradable. EcoGolf tees last for up to 100 strikes and are advertised to have increased carry and roll distance over wooden tees.

Holtz Leather Co. in Alabama makes a beautiful fine leather golf scorecard. You can request with or without a golf logo, and you can also have it personalized.

Pride Golf Tees professional wooden golf tees are manufactured in Maine. Pride Golf Tees is the largest manufacturer of wooden golf tees in the world.

Belding golf bags and golf accessories have been made in the USA since 1972. The Belding American Collection Vintage Golf Carry Bag is handcrafted in California.

Belding luxury golf bag | Made in California | Unique Gifts for Golfers

STITCH Golf putter covers are made in the USA from 100% genuine leather. The STITCH Golf unique and stylish covers are handcrafted.

STICH Golf putter covers | Made in USA |Unique Golf Gifts
Unique Gifts for the Golfer | Made in USA golf gift ideas

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