Looking for cotton clothing made in the USA?

Whether you’re searching for 100% cotton or cotton blend, conventional cotton or organic cotton clothing for men, women, children, and babies, the good news is we’ve found many great products that fit just what you’re shopping for!

American Made Cotton Clothing

I’m tired of clothes that itch my skin or are just plain uncomfortable. Nylon? I don’t want it. Microfiber? No thanks. Polyester? Ugh.

Instead, give me clothes that are made literally from the ground up: cotton. Cotton is a natural, breathable fabric that’s buttery-soft and feels great against the skin. Whether I’m wearing cotton socks, and cotton tanks or I’m buying cotton organic baby clothes for the little people I adore, I’m a firm believer in this incredible fabric.

Why Wear Cotton?

Cotton is one of the few natural, sustainable fabrics from which apparel is made. Many American apparel manufacturers embrace a production process that involves using less water and producing fewer carbon emissions than other sources.

The textile industry, generally speaking, is notorious for using chemicals that harm humans and the environment in almost every way possible. Whether we’re talking about the air, earth, water, or individuals, this sector alone makes up over 10% of global carbon emissions.

When you choose to buy cotton clothing from one of the USA companies listed below, you’re choosing non-toxic fabrics and dyes, shorter shipping distances, and some of the highest quality apparel in the fashion industry. These sustainable fashion brands fully embody caring for the planet, its people, and its products.

What to Look for in Cotton Clothing

For the best quality cotton clothing, look for sustainable clothing brands whose cotton bears a Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification. This certification ensures no toxic chemicals are used in the making of the cotton.

Some of the companies are also certified B corporations which reflects their efforts as sustainable businesses. They meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance related to human and environmental care. Certified B corporations also provide transparency on charitable giving, supply chain practices, and input materials.

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Reasons for Buying Made-in-the-USA Cotton Clothing

Reasons abound for buying cotton clothing made in the USA. I will highlight a few of the most important reasons:

  1. Cotton clothing made in the USA uses sustainable practices. This means the cotton grown doesn’t harm the soil or air, especially as we consider future generations who inhabit the planet.
  2. Water consumption is reduced.
  3. Fewer emissions pollute our air.
  4. Business owners practice safe and fair labor laws toward their American workers.

What About the Supply Chain?

The supply chain supports these reasons. Those $5.00 cotton t-shirts remain part of the traditional supply chain where cheap labor and chemical-laden cotton travel across the ocean in fuel-sucking cargo ships. These supplies get transported from a dock to a warehouse and then to a retailer and finally to you. Makes me wonder how much it cost to make that t-shirt in the first place. Plus, simply put, the traditional supply chain harms our planet.

The American supply chain, on the other hand, runs this way: American farmers grow the cotton, and a nearby mill turns the cotton into fabric. Fabric is shipped to homes or small businesses where American garment workers painstakingly create the garments at a living wage. The garments are then shipped to you. Shipping requires fewer miles. less energy, and less time, therefore having a low environmental impact.

As we continue to feel the effects of COVID, inflation, and trans-continental transportation deficits, it becomes clearer that American-made is the better choice for cotton clothing.

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What About the Price?

After looking at numerous companies’ websites that make and sell cotton clothing in the USA, I conclude that several things are true:

  • American-made cotton clothing is more expensive than fast-fashion cotton clothing; however,…
  • You’re getting much better quality clothing that helps all of us. That $20 fast-fashion top might last you a year or two, but a $60 cotton top made in America will last you forever.
  • These companies offer a variety of ways to shop and save.

One way to save is to sign up for their newsletters. Doing so automatically provides a discount.

Follow the companies on Facebook or Instagram, where they post giveaways and new product launches.

Another way to save money on your purchase is by shopping the sales tab on their website.

Some of the companies offer free shipping.

Shop on important holidays where you’ll discover some of their deepest discounts.

As it’s said, when there’s a will, there’s a way. Let’s be willing to buy American-made and then find the best way to support our American workers.

Without further ado, let’s check out our sources!

Cotton Clothing Made in the USA

This list includes both standard cotton and organic cotton clothing selections made in America.

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