Looking for women's petite clothing made in the USA? We've got you “covered” (see what we did there?).

If you stand 5'4″ or taller, you can find off-the-rack clothing that fits nicely. Tops, sweaters, jeans, dresses, and coats fit the taller frame with longer fabrics and cuts. For those more diminutive in stature, finding clothing that fits well is a real challenge.

The word “petite” doesn't always refer to “small” in size; petite for most people refers to short in stature. You can be petite in height but larger in clothing size.

Some reports claim 40% of American women stand 5'3″ or less in height, with 25% of those 5'1″ or shorter. I'm part of the statistic, but when it comes to shopping for petite clothing, I often feel alone in that quest. I feel overlooked or ignored when trying to shop for petite sizes, and I get downright growly when sales associates tell me they can alter my purchases. For pants, altering means taking in the rise as well as the pockets, waist, and hem length. For shirts, alterations include neck, sleeve, and shoulder, not to mention the length.

If you share in my frustration in finding petite clothing, then let's celebrate together, because not only have I discovered apparel for those 5'3″ and under, but also American-made women's petite clothing!

Women's Petite Clothing Made in the USA

Nordstrom sells most of our selections, and we're glad we can go to a single store or website to find what we need. We also include several other retailers in our list who sell women's petite clothing also made in the USA.

Some of the brands listed below may not produce all their apparel stateside, so be sure to read the product description that should confirm the country of origin.

Do you know of other petite-size clothing brands made in the USA? Leave a comment below!

9 Brands of American-made Women's Petite Clothing

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